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August 2014 Newsletter

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord!

We have been working hard to finish painting the playground at the Orphanage and placing the hand railing on the second wall dividing the two levels; thanks to our partners, who have stayed faithful.

I wish everything I wrote about could be nice, however, I would like for you to keep in prayer two of our children, a brother and sister named Jorge and Maria. They both reported abuse from their father and we had him speak with our psychiatrist. He did not respond well and we had to call the police.

Police came and took him away along with the children; they both are under the government care until further investigation. They did not allow us to see them, but they have stated they both want to come back home to La Roca Orphanage. Please keep them both in your prayers so they both can come back home to us, they are family!

I would like to share two testimonies of two men that have been with us; First our youngest Julio Corrales who is 21 years. Julio ran away at the age of 10 years old and found himself using drugs by 11. His Father divorced his mother and she started using drugs along with his brothers.

Julio had no desire to go back home. He spent many years wandering the streets of Tijuana. Until 10 years later when he realized that he was tired, run down, and had no strength. He started praying to God, “Get me out of here”. Julio had done and gone through everything one could imagine in the streets.

As he was walking, he found himself at the corner where the water company is at, and continued until he saw the La Roca Sign. Julio started praying, “Lord, give me the words so I can be received”. He started walking towards the entrance of the gate and was met by Moses. Then Rudy came down and both prayed for him. They allowed him to stay until the van from the ranch came 2 days later and now Julio has been with us for 7 months.

As I interviewed Julio, he said, “God answered my prayers, first at the shelter and then here at the ranch. I prayed for God to take me away from all temptations, where I could seek Him. And here I am at this ranch surrounded by other brothers that encourage me; but most important a place where I have had the time to seek God!” His mother has now also come to the Lord and is praying for his brothers.

Jose Mendoza, who is 44, can’t read or write and has had a hard time getting established here in Mexico. When you are over 40 years old with no high school under your belt, it’s almost impossible to get work. Jose fell back into drugs because of this. However, he has come back to his senses and has put his time in. He has reestablished himself in the ministry and is now our cook at the ranch.

For those who are wondering, we now have 18 full time staff. It’s a blessing, knowing that the ministry is growing in so many ways. That is why we are busy producing disciples for Christ and expanding the ministry for those God has called into ministry with La Roca.

Fundraising update

When we first started fundraising for our ministry building we needed $218,000. At that time it seemed impossible. However, all things are possible through Christ.

We now need $64,233 dollars. Though that still seems like a lot of money, it is within reach. This building has been a huge blessing to our congregation and community. The La Roca staff and volunteers have worked countless hours turning this building from a garbage dump into a beautiful church that is being used 24/7 to serve those who find them self in despair.

Unfortunately, it is not 100% ours yet and the complete purchase price could be due at any time. We believe that acquiring the funds needed is very doable, with your help. For those of you who have given to the building fund, we thank you. Your funds are helping make a seemingly impossible dream come true. Our dream is within our grasp!

We have approximately 700 people on our mailing list and if everybody gives $92.00 dollars each, on top of your monthly donations we would finally reach our goal! Please help us make this building become La Roca’s permanent home! Thank you for being part of the La Roca family. We could not do it without you!