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The water canal

La Roca Water Canal Ministry @ El Bordo ( home for homeless and drug addicts at the Border along Tijuana River Bank) goes back many years. Previously we served meals in the park near the border and when the location closed down we took the ministry to the Canal where the people stayed. Weekly we serve around 250 people.

Beside preaching and serving warm meal and drink to the homeless once a week (recent survey done by government agency and activists count 2,500 residents along 3 km stretch between Hospital General and “Puente” ), La Roca ministry augmented its personnel and now goes out with team of prayers and drug addiction counselors. We inform the Canal residents of the other ministry opportunities within La Roca, such as, the Shelter and the Rehab Ranch. Those that have been deported we direct them to the appropriate Mexican offices to get their proper papers, like birth certificates and ID’s.