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The House of Grace Orphanage

The House of Grace, home for unwed mothers and abandoned children. Single mothers can come with their children and learn to be mothers! That is why we call it the House of Grace! All other such homes do not allow the women to be with their children, they are separated from their children. We on the other hand believe the best way to learn is having the children there with them!

We of course have many other children who do not have their mothers and from other walks of life. They are addicted to drugs or working the streets as prostitutes or mothers not able to take care of them! They work in the dumps or just do not have a job and NO father to be seen! This is common! Many mothers who are not willing to leave that lifestyle we receive their children trying to break those chains by giving hope to the children by educating them! We have youth that have come from being rebellious to now straight A’s.

The House of Grace works a little different from the rest, but we know with the love of God, these chains will be broken giving hope to these children who are not wanted! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers as we continual to walk forward to what God has called us to do! To serve and to love all and to make disciples!