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The dump ministry

In the United States when we think of the dump what’s the first thing you think of? Let me guess…garbage, right? Well, here in Mexico the dump is not only full of garbage, but full of 300-500 people that work in that garbage looking for anything they can salvage or recycle. Sometimes even pulling something out of the garbage and eating it. The items they find can only be recycled at the recycle center that they have at the dump. Meaning that there is a monopoly and the people get a bad exchange for their goods.

Many of the people work here because they have no paper work, no Identification and so on. So, they are forced to work in these conditions.  What makes matters worse is that they have to bring their children with them. While the parents are inside the dump working the children are walking around in conditions we would never tolerate in the United States. Because the dump is so far away some of the children have never even been to school. Most of the time, they don’t know when their next meal is coming, or if it is. The dump is full of people without hope who have never known anything other than the dump. They live there breathing in the toxins daily from the garbage.

It’s a sad condition that should never be allowed. Yet it has been, and nobody has done anything about it. Well, here at La Roca ministries we refuse to let these people go unnoticed and unloved. We have started going out there every week taking water, sometimes fruit and donations such as bread or vitamins.  Though we are only able to go out there once a week. Right now the overall plan is to get a trailer out there 5 days a week to provide cheap (5 pesos) meals  for those living there. Also to have someone out there to teach the children there so that they are able to get some education.  Because even though some may see the people there as lower class and worthless, they are children of God. So when we go there to give water and such we also go with open hearts ready to listen. We talk with them, letting them know that we have not forgotten them and more importantly that God has not forgotten them. We pray for them and show them that they are loved.