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The Men's and women's shelters

As the new church building opened up, so was the doors for the men's and women's shelters. This new building was a disco rental hall, but now has been converted into a church that call’s on everyone with out making exception of person.

We moved five blocks away from our formal location and are still in the Zone Norte and two block away from the border fence. So as you know, this area is quite unique because it’s only blocks away from the prostitution, drugs and homosexuality. Drugs are found on almost every corner and people from all parts of Mexico or further south desperately trying to get across, seeking a better life. So lots of people end up needing shelter because of thief, or have been deported or they have been enslaved by addictions.

We now are housing over 200 people every night and at times we run out of blankets or floor mates. So if you care to help, we need more blanket and we need bunk beds.

All I can say, it’s great to see the church building being used seven days a week and 24 hours a day. This is what church really is about, to preach, to teach, to reach and to transform.