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The Ranch

La Roca’s Rehab Discipleship Ranch is just that, we disciple men to become missionaries for Jesus Christ.  We help the men to get off drugs and alcohol or whatever their problem might be, but our goal goes way beyond that.

They are told, if they are just looking for help to get off drugs they are in the wrong place.  Because our goal is not just to get them of drugs but to make Disciples of Jesus!

So those who come with us are serious about their decision.  Ready to get off whatever, cold turkey and many have made it and have gone to become a new creation in Jesus.  We hold up 30 men and youth not including staff.

Our program is one year long and the men are taught what we call the four pillars, which is all out of the Holy Scriptures.  Many have come to us without drug problems because they have heard we have a Bible School along with the program and they wanted  to be discipled.  It is good to know we have established this kind of relationship with those around us.