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June 2019 Newsletter


It’s amazing how fast time flies. We are moving forward as God leads and anxious to be obedient to Him!

I sometimes find myself in the flesh, thinking what would happen if funds don’t come in this month? What would happen if funds dry up?

God is our plan A, there is no plan B because this is His work and ministry. He is moving in the hearts of His church to support His work!

We are moving faithfully under His guidance as He opens doors for us so faithfully! Please keep His work in your prayers. Thankyou!!

We are planning an opening day in Sonora this October! We will open our new recovery center, our seminary-Bible school and also an eating area for children. Three buildings are almost finished and the roof is almost done on the fourth.

We are also making progress at the ranch. Getting all the building permits done and test of the ground and so on. Our engineer said it was best if we subdivided our 30 Acre ranch property into 9 sections for separate ranch ministries.

One of these ministries is moving the boy’s orphanage to the ranch. This is where they will have a place to play, run, hike and many other activities to help them learn and burn their energy!

Let me share two La Roca Ministry testimonies.

We rescued a young man from the Tijuana city dump and He is now on the ranch. His name is Adrian Mena and is only 20 years old.

Adrian’s mom was abandoned by his father when she became pregnant because He did not want anything more to do with her.

Adrian began using drugs about age 11 roaming the streets of Tijuana and started working at the city dump, to support his addition! He suffered much abuse at the hand of many!

On one of my regular visits to the dump, Adrian approached me, asking me to take him to the ranch as a place to live. Today, Adrian is still at the ranch having completed our 12-month program of discipline and being in the word. He now works part time at our shelter and is a witness to the power of God’s work.

Adrian’s mom is still an addict working in the dump. Please pray for both Adrian and his mom.

Edith was a young woman living with her mom at a local orphanage where her mom was employed. Her mom became suddenly ill and died. Edith, young and alone, ran away with her boyfriend.

She soon learned how abusive men can be. He was jealous, controlling and very violent. She left him and took to the Tijuana streets! Help was not easy to find on the Tijuana streets, especially being a young lady, but she kept looking. Finally, her path crossed with Maria.

Maria runs the La Roca orphanage in Tijuana. It’s been over a year now since Edith came home to the orphanage with Maria.

Edith is now a devout believer, searching the scripture and hoping to go to college. She lives there with the children while working with Anahi in administration. Please pray for Edith as she works with the children and keeps her eyes on Jesus!

Please visit our web site and look our current ministries. Consider how you can help the Body of Christ through La Roca. We covet your prayers.

We now have 5 pastors on staff including myself. Our opportunities continue to open and we pray God will give us grace to continue to grow. We need your help. Please consider La Roca in both your prayers, your giving and we welcome your visit.

We are still in need of dollars for water and solar power on the ranch. Don’t forget our Quilt Raffle this fall. Go on line, www.larocaministries.org, to get your tickets. All funds from this beautiful handmade quilt goes for putting water and solar on the ranch.

Again, Thanks for your help and being part of this very active family in the Body of Christ! Those who have been forgiving of much, love much!

In His Love, Carlos and Rossy and Team, La Roca Ministries

These are pictures of our growing Kids club in the Zona Norte! Thanks for your prayers!