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May 2019 Newsletter

Greetings to all! May you all be blessed in health and Spirit!

We finish the month of April with great joy and excitement!

Our dear Anahi has been blessing us for many years administrating in our office. She has become part of our family over the years so we are delighted Alejandro and Anahi have joined forces to become a powerful witness for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray for Anahi and Alejandro as they become one in Christ through marriage.

Alejandro has been with us since he was fourteen years old. He had no clue what was in-stored in his future but God was already working! Now a mature young man, a pastor in a growing ministry, God has blessed Alejandro with a beautiful young Anahi!

Our dear friend and brother in Christ, Alejandro, married our very special Anahi whom we all deeply cherish! Congratulations to our beloved partners in Christ!

Easter Sunday was a powerful witness of Christ’s resurrection power in all of our three churches. With the great performance of our youth as well as adults! My wife and team started by 8am getting all things ready, and we finished little after 8pm. A long day, but what a blessing it was for all of us!

From Sonora, Eduardo is our first doing recovery and discipleship at The Ranch for the past month. He is excited to finish the program and ready to head back to his wife and family and give witness to what our Lord is doing in His life. We look forward to ministry opportunities our Lord will open for Eduardo so he can share in the grace our Lord provides.

Eduardo is a skilled mechanic, not just a good mechanic, but a great mechanic. We have been waiting for somebody like Eduardo to help out with all the vehicles La Roca has! Prayers have been answered!

Prayer request as my Mom is planning in retiring soon. She has worked long hours by my side for the past 20 years. I want to honor her, allowing her to return to Costa Rica, while I manage her property and donations, allowing her to retire after working all her life!

Her soon departure will leave a space and we will desperately need to fill in our donation center. This provides opportunity for an intern to come into our donation center program. We will need someone to pick up donations, sort out the various gifts and make daily crossings into Mexico Monday through Friday.

Please pray our Lord will provide an intern who will be able master all the ins and outs of this critical program in our ministry.

We are also losing our faithful helper Carlos, who has broken his hip. Please pray for his recovery but he will not be available to continue working in our donation center. Our good brother Juan is helping fill in but we need additional help in this critical program.

My Mom loves the guys at the shelter and ranch and treats them all like her own children. So please be praying for both of us, as I slowly start getting more involved in this area! And my mother as she slowly starts making this transition!

Great news update, God is slowly bringing our first generation La Roca team back home. We went out to eat together remembering all the days where we worked with all our might, none stop!

Here is our picture, right side Andres and Juan, on the left Leo and Israel. Still praying for Josue also known as Pepe. Please pray for all of them and for Pepe to find his way back home as well!

Also, we are making headway at the ranch, with plans and permits. We are also going ahead with sub-diving the property. For the many ministries we are going to have in the future! Like retreats for churches as well as for us! The Orphanage where the kids can have the space to play and be kids! Seminary and the dorms for the many men and women who will be getting ready for the mission field! The new kitchen and church and so much more! So please keep us in your prayers!

Please do not forget to buy your raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt, this will help us bring water and solar into the ranch, that we will be desperately needing with all the future ministries at the ranch! The drawing will be right after summer. Again thanks for your prayers and support and for being part of La Roca family !

Your missionaries, Carlos and Rossy and family!