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March 2019 Newsletter

Greetings to everybody.

As always, I want to give you all a big thank you! We are not able to do it without you! Thank you for both your prayers and support. They are both greatly needed!

First update, we are raising funds to bring water to the ranch including plans and permits for construction of a new orphanage.

We are putting a beautiful, handmade, embroidered, full size quilt on display in the La Roca Church building. It’s gorgeous in color and has four pictures of children from the Orphanage around the “La Roca 2019” center.

This exquisite, hand embroidered 2019 La Roca Quilt will be offered at a live drawing in September. There is a quilt registration card in this newsletter mailing with participation instructions. You can also go on line and see the quilt and get your tickets for the drawing.

Tickets will be offered for ten dollars each or you can get a slight discount for a $100, $1,000 or even more! You will be given a number(s) according to how many tickets you want. A self addressed envelope is provided for those who write a check. We will draw a random number live on Facebook at La Roca Church in Tijuana on September 2nd, Fathers day! Help us put water and power on the ranch!

Testimony, Lidia is one of our devout workers at the woman’s shelter. She knows first hand what it means to be in need without physical resources. She was sitting in the local park when a concerned person stopped and shared with her about a nearby shelter where she might find help.

Irma was at the shelter ready to receive this 40 year woman who could barely walk and weighed a scant 80lbs.

Irma helped Lidia find the medical attention needed to overcome a liver problem and other issues. Lidia began walking and eating, gaining strength while overcoming her liver problem. Soon she was strong enough to help others at the women’s shelter. Out of a gratefulness, Lidia is now like Irma’s right hand and … she is now a faithful member of La Roca Church!

Lidia wants to extend a big thank you to all who support the women’s shelter, making her recovery possible. Please keep this wonderful worker and friend in your prayers!

Now for an update in Sonora! We have finish building the divisions for the bathrooms. The pluming is done and the water is hooked up! The septic tank is almost done and we will shortly be placing the roof on the second structure! The team is strong and people are excited. Thank you for your prayers and continue to stay on your knees for this ministry in Sonora!

At the ranch, we have received $20,000 dollars to start with the plans and permits needed to start the new kitchen and church building. Things are moving slowly, but we are moving!

We have almost finished the soccer and basketball court. We expect to finish by the end of this month, that’s if it stops raining! Rain has been a major factor for not being able to move as fast as we would like, but this is real life, and we need water, especially in this part of the country!

This month we were blessed by the visit of a team from the Reform church in Michigan. They were on site for almost one week and were able to supply and help place a new roof on the existing orphanage. There were a few other construction repairs they were also able to accomplish.

It was a great time of fellowship and the joining together as co-members of Christ’s Body. We are all one in Christ and this is a great way to not only take care of a need, but experience God’s grace in action.

Please pray that your church body will participate with our ministry so that both may together share the Glory of God’s work in Mexico.

We would love to share, we would love to care and we would love to be an extension of you!

An extension of your giving, an extension of your praying, an extension of your working,

An extension of Jesus Christ in your Name!

This is your calling, this is our calling. It is in fact His calling!

The voice of Jesus is calling us to do His work in His Name and for His Glory!

Again, thanks for being part of La Roca family! In His Love, Carlos and Rosy and the rest of the team!