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September 2018 Newsletter

I'd like to start by saying sorry for being a little late with this month Newsletter!

I know many are waiting to hear of how things are coming along in the state of Sonora!

First of all, they are great! We are planning another trip there on October 3rd. We are going to pick up the donation papers and continue the preparation of the disciples.

As you see, we have our sign out in front of our property, with the layout of what is coming soon to this community!

People are responding quite well and are very excited! They are saying that even their own government has not shown any interest in their community.

They feel abandoned and forgotten, especially with all the drug problems they are having among their youth!

So please keep us in your prayers, as we take on this challenge! The distance of course is one major challenge, but having three faithful men and their families committed to this work, make it so much easier!

Also, our men’s retreat was so much more than expected! All our efforts were well worth it, and we are proud of the men that raised 75% of the cost by selling food after church and of course the discipline of many to give every week for one year! It was such an uplifting experience for all who attended!

All 58 men were challenged to walk in faith, as we called our retreat “Men of Faith!”

More exciting news, as we now have 12 enrolled in seminary! Four men from the ranch and our youth pastor Alex, plus 7 more from our two other churches.

What a praise report! I thought this was never going to take place, but we kept pushing forward in our desire to equip, disciple and better train our people.

I Thank God for the faithful men, like pastor Alex who have been with us since he was14 years old, Pastor Efren, who also teaches, Pastor Julian and pastor Enoc and family who are at the ranch leading and training the men. And last but not least, pastor Rudy!

So now we have a bigger and stronger team and are committed in accomplishing exactly this! We continue to prepare ourselves for going to the Nations!

We have started building with our own concrete blocks, for the protection of our new equipment, like the mixer, block maker and generator! This is so great, as we now have a few men learning to make the blocks and hopefully soon, start selling them!

We also have finished pouring our basketball court and have started building a four foot wall around the court with our own blocks and a four foot fence above, so we can play indoor soccer!

Finally, our wonderful kids at the dump and at the Orphanage! We are always trying and learning of how we can better serve them through schooling, crafts and sports. Soon, we hope to include after school activities such as: learning to play a musical instrument, dancing , drawing and so on!


Would you please consider supporting these after school activities? It will be such a great blessing for all our children

We are excited to see how and what God does next! All we want to be is ready for whatever God has before us! So thank you as we work together in being that true religion that helps the widows and orphans!

Thanks for your prayers and support, for we could not be doing all this without YOU!