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November 2017 Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,


Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner and everything around us reminds us of God’s gift to the world! The Christmas trees, lights and the smell that’s in the air, all points towards God’s grace on His creation!

We are so grateful to God for the gift of everlasting life that we have received by grace and the work on the cross on our behalf!


But the saddest part is that just across the border, is a whole different matter. Many will be in small shack homes, with barely enough to eat. Gifts, well that’s a whole different story, maybe a small gift from the dollar store. A gift that will break that same day!

So would you help us with a gift to help bring happiness this Christmas to these children who are at no fault of where they were born? Hope is enough to share with our neighbors just a stone throw away!


Ranch – We are also excited to see all the housing going up around the La Roca Ranch. Every year the construction is getting closer, and we want to be ready for the opportunities that will be upon us soon!


So we have started breaking ground to a new two story building at the ranch, the cost is only $100,000. On the top floor will be the church that will seat 200 people! We always knew that sooner or later this was going to happen! This will be our third church plant here in Tijuana! Also, with all the new regulations, we are required to have a small medical clinic, out of which a doctor and Psychiatrist will work from. All this means money. Money for the construction, and money for the doctors and psychiatrist. Over the years we have been able to work with thousands of men free of charge!

Men who have lost it all, and don’t have any way of paying. We are one of the very few left that has a free program for recovery, so would you consider helping us to keep this going! 95% of our staff have come out of this program!

Also, a new kitchen, bathroom and 3 classrooms along with the medical clinic will be on the bottom floor. All of this will help us meet the needs and new growth of the ministry at the ranch!

That is why we are always busy training and teaching others for opportunities like these! We are so excited to be found worthy to be used by God, in any matter as He sees fit!


Boys Dorm – We have two new youth at the boy’s dorm, David (15) and Juan Carlos (17). It has been such a blessing and it’s only going to grow! Again, thanks for those who decided to make a difference!

You can be sure, that your monies are being well spent in helping people in desperate situations, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Thanks for partnering with us and trusting us, as we work together doing the Lords work!

Hope you and your family had a meaningful Thanksgiving! May you and your family have a Merry Christmas as we remember the Lord’s gift of salvation! Again, thanks and here are many pictures of those who have been blessed by your generous giving this year!

Your missionaries, Carlos – Rossy and the rest of the team!