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June 2018 Newsletter


Greetings to all my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, and may the peace of the Lord be with you all.

In the last letter, I wrote with much excitement and praise unto the Lord for the many things He is doing among us! I am now writing with the same excitement today!

Almost two days after the letter of May went out, we received a call from our brother Jesús. Pastor Jesús was looking for property for us to buy in Sonora. He approached the leaders of the community where we were interested in buying and told them all about our great plans for the property.

They responded with great excitement stating that if our purpose for the property is to bring blessing to our community, we want to donate the property to La Roca.

The president called all the town leaders to take a vote and 96% approved the donation. They wanted us to go back as soon as possible to choose one of the three properties available! To be honest, I was moved with joy and praise unto the Lord for He is good all the time!


Pastor Efren, brother Rudy and I made quick plans to go back, canceling our agenda for that week. When we arrived we united with our Sonora team, Pastor Jesús, Daniel and pastor Chalo. Once we viewed the properties, we all came to an agreement which site would be most suitable. The property is going to be placed in eight people’s names, so nobody can sell or do change apart from the purpose that the property was given!

Pastor Jesús is now part of La Roca staff, and he and many other volunteers have started clearing the land. Today (May 24th) they called to inform us that the land was almost cleared and they were ready to start placing the post and wire around the property. My reaction was, “so soon?!”

They are working hard because they are just as excited as we are! I can’t wait to see how God is going to provide the funds for the two phases. At the end of this letter, you will be able see a rough layout of the buildings. Thank you for your prayers!



I would love to tell you all about Fernando, who has been with us almost two years. He finished the program at the ranch and has been serving at the shelter in different positions.

All this time I thought he had all his paper work in order, but that was not the case. I asked him why not, he said because he did not know the town or the date of his birth.

He started running the street from a very young age, and crossed into the United States, leaving everything behind. Because of this, he did not know where to start looking for his family; he did not even know his age. Anyways, to my surprise, Fernando fell through the cracks, and he went through our program without establishing his identity.

Fernando quickly started seeking out his family through facebook with the help of the staff since I told him he could not be on staff much longer if he did not get his paperwork in order.

Within a couple of weeks, he made contact with his brother named Dionicio who Fernando had not seen or heard from in 27 years. Dionicio give him the information he needed to start the process for his paperwork. Praise God, Fernando has been a great blessing to have on the team and we want to keep him on. I give thanks to God for allowing Fernando to get in contact with his family after many years! Thanks for your prayers, for they are being heard. Many lives are being changed and many are finding healing!


Update: we have just dictated our 3rd church, alongside with pastor Efren. Together, we appointed Pastor Julian Contreras to the position of local pastor of the church named Jesús Impacto de Amor in Tijuana, Mexico.

Please pray for Pastor Efren and Julian who are now part of La Roca church. They both have been a great blessing, and we are all excited in what God is going to do through us!

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to work together, and march forward in advancing the Gospel and loving our neighbor as ourselves.


Below are pictures of our beautiful ranch. Many lives are being changed and we are excited with the progress being made there. Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for putting your trust in us as we work in taking the great commission to all Mexico and then the nations!


Your missionaries Carlos – Rossy and the rest of La Roca team!