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July 2018 Newsletter


Greeting to all our friends in the Lord!

As we left off in our last newsletter, we were so excited to see what God is doing in the State of Sonora, Mexico. We are just as excited to see how God is moving so quickly that we are having a hard time keeping up!

Pastor Efren just got back from our 4th trip in the last six months, and we have started clearing the land with machinery. We have also started digging the trenches for the foundation of the first structures.

We are hopping of having our first office and bathrooms done by the end of August. Here is a map of the lay out of the 2.2 Acres that were donated. Keep in mind there is still another ¾ acre across the street which was also donated to the La Roca Ministries.

Anyways, we are going to start developing the first building on the left side of the entrance, which is # 8 and #7. Then we will build #5, # 3 and #4. This would allow us to get started with ministry this year! So thanks for your prayers! Pray for wisdom and discernment so we don’t miss a step in God’s will!

Testimony: Elvia was thirteen when she and her older sister came to the house of Grace because of problems in their house with their stepfather.


Elvia is now 21 years old, and is serving by taking care of the younger boys. She is such a delight to have. She is always smiling and just has a cheerful attitude. It’s great to see how some fall in love with the Lord and show it by serving others. That is exactly what we teach and it’s becoming contagious, with so many new believer coming to the church to serve! Thank you Lord!


Also, I spoke a little about Fernando in the last letter; about him getting in contact with his mother and family after many years of being separated and not knowing anything about each other.

Well, his mother wants to see him. Can you blame her after 27 years of not knowing anything about her son? So, with excitement we are planning his trip to see his mother and the rest of his family.

This is what we do, we make disciples for Christ, but also help them find their families and help them come together after being lost to drugs, gangs and prison. What a praise report!


Our younger boys from the Orphanage won third place in the soccer finals! We are so proud of them!

We also had 24 people get baptized at the ranch in our new pool, built especially for this purpose! Another praise report!

Again, thank you for being part of La Roca family and trusting us to be faithful stewards of your donations!

I would like to finish with this, it always make me wonder why many call us a mission church. Should not every church be mission minded? Was it not Jesus who commanded us to go into all the world making disciples and baptizing them and teach them all the Jesus has commanded us?

Did not scripture teach us that true religion is helping the Orphans and widows and reaching the lost? So I am puzzled with this. We are not doing anything special but just keeping His command. Should we not all be doing the same?

Anyways, love you all, and again, thank you for your prayers and your donation which allows us to continue to press forward. All the glory is His!

Your missionaries Carlos and Rossy and the rest of La Roca team!