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April 2018 Newsletter

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in the LORD!


As we continue to march forward in what God has called us to, we do it with great excitement!

We took our second trip to Sonora with a team of 5 people, including Pastor Efren, Pastor Alex, and Charlie (our music director), Gloria and of course myself!

Everyone was just as excited to see us come on this trip as the first. We all are still excited with the vision of starting a bible training center right in the heart of 3 communities! We are planning on going back in late October or early November for this purpose.

On this trip we are going to start looking for some property to buy in order to make this possible. Property is really cheap and the cost of this project to buy and build a two story dorm with class rooms, restrooms and kitchen will be around $80,000. This of course is a rough estimate!


Pastor Jesús, Daniel, and Chalo, are all just as excited to make this happen! We also visited two new communities; one of them is called Colorado because of the color of the dirt. Most houses are slightly red because of the bricks made from their own ground!

To my surprise, I give a class for beginners and 4 were from the Colorado community, and one of them was the master of the dear dance. That was so cool!

So please keep us in your prayers as we move forward with this project with Gods favor. For without Him, we do not move!

Update at the ranch: we have poured the slab and built the cover for the cement block making machine! Still, more work needs to be done before the machine gets delivered to us in the next 3 to 4 weeks!


The company will install it and will teach our staff to make the first 100 blocks. So we are excited for this to take place as soon as possible!

If you remember, I also spoke about all the new regulations that are being imposed on us for this year. We need to cover the ceiling of the kitchen with dry wall, and put insulation so it will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter!


We also need two small sinks for the hand washing, one in the dining area and one in the kitchen! As we keep up with all the demands placed on us, the cost keeps going up, and it’s getting more difficult to continue to offer these services for free.

We brought up this question to the government representatives and of course they had no real solution!

We have helped thousands of men for free because they have no families to support them and the majority come off the streets. We are one of the few free recovery programs still around.

Please keep us in your prayers, and if you feel lead by our LORD to help us out or to sponsor one person at a super low cost of $450 for their entire 9 month program, it would be a blessing.

This will help us to continue helping so many men whose lives are on the line. Where will they go, and where will they get the money to pay for the desperate help that they need?

So once again I want to thank you all for your prayers, and your faithful support that has allowed us help so many people for 22 years now.


Also, an update of the dump, which we call La Esperanza(the hope). Well, as many of you are aware, we make oatmeal 6 mornings a week for the workers of the dump. We also make breakfast, lunch and provide cereal in the evening for all the children that come. There are anywhere from 12 to 25. We also have 2 bible studies per week and our Sunday afternoon services at 3:30.

We give free drinking water and bathing water every day to everybody that needs it from 7am to 7pm. Our monthly cost for operation is $916.66 per month and this also includes our gas and all that creeps up. So again, could you please pray to see if you can help us out to cover the increasing cost, of this so much needed help?

Thanks for being part of this body that can’t keep still! For we have been given the solution to the problem, and the solution is Jesus Christ. We want to take this solution to the end of all Mexico and to the Nations!

Your missionaries – Carlos & Rossy & the rest of the team! WE THANK YOU!