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August 2017 Newsletter

Greetings to all our brothers and sister in the Lord’s Name!


There is so much to tell of what God is doing and how He is providing for us in a way that always leaves us in a state of awe!

I don’t know where to start, but much has taken place in these last three months. The trailers that were purchased have been finished. They are now the new place of worship and are the classrooms for the children and doctors at the church at the dump, which we call, the community of Hope!

We have already had our first children dedication and baptism, and we are looking forward to our last baptism of this year, which is the last Sunday of August.

The Boys’ Dorm is finished after 11 months of hard work, and the boys are in their new place of residence! Everything looks great and a smell of newness is in the air, like a new car! What a praise report!

Moses, who had led our team in finishing the boy’s dorm, is waiting to start taking an electrical class this month, so he can continue to learn and become more of a benefit for the ministry!


I would like to sneak in a couple of testimonies. One of them is about a man from the shelter, Ignacio Pozo. He, like many others, was deported. One thing was different though, he had served in prison for eight years, for a murder he never committed.

They finally found the true murderer and released him, but instead of setting him free and allowing him to go back home to his family, they deported him to Tijuana!

He was shocked and angry. He couldn’t understand why they did this, and he found himself in and around the water canal of Tijuana.

There, a young Christian lady, Michelle, came to him and asked him where he was staying. He told her he was staying in the canal.

She responded by saying that he should go to the La Roca shelter where he could receive help.

When he arrived, he was invited by the servants to enter and listen to the word being preached at that moment!

To make a long story short, he quickly got established and worked two days at the dump helping with the trailers. Not long after, he got hired by Charlie’s boss as their welder and handy-man.

That became a blessing for us, because Charlie’s boss was the one that said he would do our stairs and ramp for the church at the dump, and Ignacio was the one sent to build the stairs and ramp at the dump. What a blessing for both of us!

Ignacio is thankful to God and La Roca for helping him get on his feet so quickly! He asks for your prayers, as He still misses his family; pray that they may be together soon!


Testimony from our Orphanage; a brother and a sister, named Jorge and Mari. They have been with us now for over five years. Their father could not work because of a bad leg that prevented him from walking, so he sold candy at corners with both of his children.

He did this until one day the police told them that if he does not put them in school, they would take them away. So the father brought the children to La Roca, while he stayed at the men’s shelter and continued to sell candy on the same corner.

As time went on, the children started talking about what the father used to do and still did on visits; he kissed them on their lips and touched them in ways that were not appropriate. We reported it to the police and the father was arrested and the children were taken away from him, and now they both are children of D.I.F (Mexico’s C.P.S).

It has been hard for both Jorge and Mari, but they have a new family who are the body of Christ at the Orphanage, The mother left them when very young and the father is in jail so please keep them in your prayers! Both children are also doing well in school.  We want to thank you all for allowing us to do what we have been called to, which is teaching and living God’s Word out in our lives!

We also want to thank all of our volunteers who work so hard, my hats off to them, what a praise report!

Again, thanks for all your prayers and support! For we could not do this work without God’s people responding to His calling!

You’re Missionaries, Carlos – Rossy and the rest of La Roca team!