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May 2017 Newsletter

Greetings to all our dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!


How time flies by; I can´t believe we are in the month of May already! Thanks to God for working in the hearts of His people! It allows us to move forward in all the different ministries that we do, especially at the dump.

God is so good, we now have installed the 3 trailers for the use of the church and class rooms for the children, as well as examining rooms for the doctors and so much more.


We are praying that God will move in the hearts of the directors, where the children from the dump are attending school. We started with 8 children in the beginning of the year and now only two are still attending. They feel out of place and looked down on by the other children. But the major reason they are struggling is that they are way behind in reading and writing; they just can’t keep up with the others.

So our hope is to start a school with the covering of the public school, where the children can move at a pace more suitable for them, and that they will not feel out of place, but be around teachers that will understand them and love them!


These trailers will also allow us to use the tent area for events and play area for the boys and girls, during their school breaks and available at all times as they wait for their mothers or fathers to come back from working at the dump!

Another blessing is as of May 15th, we have increased the staff at the dump by one more! His name is Diego and he has been the assistant cook at the shelter. He will now be in charge of the kitchen at the dump and will be cooking 3 meals a day, Monday through Friday. Oatmeal early in the morning for the workers at the dump and breakfast and a late lunch for the children!


Also, the church at the dump has grown from 20, to now 40 to 50 people that come on Sundays! We invite the members to come and join us every first Sunday of the month to the main church so that they can encourage Worshiping God together, knowing that they are part of a much larger body! To our surprise 60 came! What a praise report!

We are so excited for what God is doing and what He continues to do! God never ceases to amaze me!


Please keep our youth, that are living in the shelter for now, in your prayers! They are struggling, and desiring to be in a better situation! So their struggle manifests itself in the lack of interest for studying, because of lack of motivation from parents who are just not around!

But thanks to God that the boys’ dorm is about to be finished! They are all excited to have their new rooms and beds and a place they can call their own! What a praise report!

One youth boy is Omar(14). He has been with us now for 5 years along with his two sisters who are living at the Orphanage. He is able to see them several times per week. You can imagine his lack of motivation in wanting to study, but while I was talking with him one day, I asked him a question, “What would you like to become?” To my surprise he said, “A criminal detective.”


I asked if he was interested in joining the police cadet training school, and right away he said yes! So please pray that this could be the door that God opens to motivate him to see beyond his circumstances as well his sisters!

At the shelter, the needs continue to grow. We are usually full before we open the doors at 4 pm. Even though many men have moved on with life, many are still struggling looking for work and have not been able to get established! Our desire is to help them get established as soon as possible, so that they will not out of desperation, make the decision to go back into the United States illegally!

So please pray for us as we try to accomplish this great task, but most important is to guide these men and women to Christ, so that they can find peace in the midst of their circumstances! That they can trust and wait upon the Lord in the midst of their troubles.


This is something that we all are called to do, again thanks for being part of La Roca family; being many members but of one body!

Your missionaries – Carlos Rossy Montoya