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March 2017 Newsletter


Greeting my dear brothers and sisters;

Time continues to fly by and we are headed into the most important celebration of the Christian faith; our Lords death and resurrection! His resurrection from the dead is declared in Holy Scripture, announcing to the world the Kingship of Jesus.

By what evidence do we believe that Jesus is the Son of God? By the hundreds of testimonies that were present and even the Apostle said, even I have seen Him with my eyes!


And of course God Himself, who has declared Him to be His Son through the power of the resurrection! God has given us assurance of this to all believers by the raising of Him from the dead. Death could not hold Him, giving us the assurance that we too will be risen!


I went to the ranch to visit the men. It was such a blessing seeing all the mountains, green from all the rain we have had. But more so the many new men! This was the result of our street outreach that was restarted six weeks ago.

We have taken 12 men to the ranch in this short time, thanks to Alex, Rafael and his wife, and some of the youth. Through their effort, it has become a great success!


Leonardo, who has had a desire to restart the jail ministry, finally had his desire become a reality. With a new program in place, many have been given an early release to go to the ranch to start their recovery program! Praise God for the favor we have been given with the correction authorities!

It’s also a blessing and major responsibility to be able to care for the 30 children at the Orphanage! Just knowing that God has entrusted us in the molding of these little ones is a blessing!

It’s no joke, so please pray for us and our staff as we work hard in their training, so we can be better prepared with these precious lives that God has place into our hands!


Also, at the dump, we have placed Ruben as our local overseer of this wonderful ministry! Ruben is a retired school teacher and is more than willing to live off his pension. He was also a pastor and sad to say, his wife passed away several years ago.

Please keep him in your prayers, that he may stand strong and keep his eyes on the author of his faith; for wisdom and discernment as he helps the many children with their homework, and teaches them how to love one another, as we continue together forward advancing His Kingdom!


Also, please keep Anahi in prayer, she is our administrator that is in charge of so many things. I don’t know how she does it, and I don’t know how we did it so long without her! As the ministry grows, God has brought a few good faithful saints into His ministry!

Your missionaries,

Carlos and Rossy Montoya