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February 2017 Newsletter


Greetings to all our dear friends from all of us at La Roca!

2017 has had a great start for us, thanks to your prayers and faithful support!

One major project that has not been completed yet, is the boy’s dorm. Because of the many things we have had to repair in the existing house (including building two new staircases as the original ones did not pass inspection), we are behind schedule in completion.


We also had to replace the retaining wall leading down to the boys’ dorm, and of course with all the rain we’ve had, many leaks on different roofs were revealed and needed to be repaired as well. On top of that, many other things have broken down in these few months!

For example, in the beginning of February our men’s showers went out of service, and clearly needed our immediate attention. With 180 men, 3 showers out of service is a big deal.

So when our staff is doing all the work to make funds stretch as far as possible to accomplish all the work (including the boys’ dorm), sometimes projects like these creep along! Though it’s worth the wait doing our own repairs, (since paying a company to do the work would cost us 65% more), the dorm for the boys could have been done by now!


Also, would you please keep these two brothers, Beto and Pablo, in your prayers? They have been with us for many years. They have struggled with school but have made a great turn around!

They have been getting their grades up and showing a willingness to grow, which is a praise report. I thought we were going to lose at least one them last year, but by God’s grace and their youth pastor Alex, they are still with us!

As we were driving into the dump, like I do every Wednesday to have our bible study and staff meeting, we received a call that there was a major shooting taking place at the dump.

Thank God all had passed before we arrived! Our staff said they ran into the church with the children and fell to the floor and started praying when the shooting began. By God’s grace, no staff or children were hurt!

Police came looking for someone that I will not name, and many of the gangs confronted the police. Rocks started being thrown; breaking windows from the police cars, and before you knew it, the shooting started!


So please keep us in your prayers as we continue to reach to those who work at the dump (especially thechildren), without stirring up those in power there! Thanks to God we have a good relationship with people and those in control of that area!

On the contrary to what most would think, they (the gangs) always tells us to let them know if somebody does something against us, so that they may be put into their place! It’s obvious that God’s mighty hand is at work, keeping us protected and at the same time, allowing us to be friends with those in power. He is worthy to be praised!

A quick note, Rafael and his wife are doing a great job adapting to life and ministry at the ranch!

So again, we thank you for being part of the La Roca family! Thank you for keeping us in prayer and of course for your faithful support!

Your missionaries Carlos – Rossy and the rest of the team!