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September 2016 Newsletter


Greetings to all our dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. September 2016

We want to thank you all for your faithfulness and for your generous and continued support. For we know we could not do it without friends like you, who respond to God’s direction so faithfully!


This summer we have been very busy keeping our children from the Orphanage and the Dump occupied! Now that summer is over, we find ourselves busy getting all the children ready for school; with the purchases of new uniforms, school supplies and of course, the registration of all the children.


The biggest challenge is of course, the children from the dump; who are far behind in their learning. Many still don’t know how to read or write. So, we had to make a commitment with the school that we will be there full time helping them with their homework and getting caught up. Also, one major problem which we need to be on alert for, is their cleanness and head lice. If not, they will not be accepted.

But thanks to God for sending a brother named Ruben, who was a teacher and has developed a passion for these children. He has helped us enroll 10 of these children, and put a few on a waiting list!


We are also committing to provide breakfast before school, a small lunch, school uniforms as needed, and of course transportation both ways! This is a major challenge for such a small staff; but God has placed us here where there is so much need and we have never backed away from such challenges!

Also, an unexpected situation came up. One of the drivers that has brought water into the dump community got held up at gun point! The word got out, and of course now no one wants to bring water into this very dry place. We are having to buy filtered drinking water which costs us 3 times as much as bathing water.

I don’t know what to do. So we started raising funds to buy our own water truck to bring the much needed water into this desperate community! We need anywhere around 3,000 gallon or more per week. We are looking around for a good used flatbed truck somewhere in the area of $15,000 and we have raised $1,600 so far. So would you consider supporting this great need and the many others? We need your prayers for all the staff and the work that we do.


At the shelter, we find ourselves full almost at the opening of our doors, which is by 4 pm. There are hundreds ofrefugees from different parts of the world waiting to get into the United States, taking lots of bed space in other shelters closer to the border. These shelters are taking these refugees in because of government incentives, but those who were there before them, are being sent out looking for other options. Since many know about us, they are coming to us looking for assistance. Please pray for all of us!


As you have seen on facebook, we are making slow progress for the boys dorm at the Orphanage; which is going to be for the boys 13 years and older. Please pray that we can get this dorm done before the end of the year! This will help us take the teens out of the shelter to a safer and more accurate living quarters. If you want to come down and help us with the building that would be great!

It will be the only way to keep the building cost below $30,000 dollars set aside for this project. Of course that does not include the bunk beds, sofas, dining table, chairs and kitchen. So also keep this very important project in your prayers!

Again, we are excited to see the many things God is doing and His favor upon us! We thank for being part of this very beautiful family that God has raised us up for His Glory! For we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

In His Love, your missionaries Carlos and Rossy and the rest of the team!