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July 2016 Newsletter

Greetings to all our dear friends and brothers;

We want to thank God for all the mission-minded churches that come alongside our ministry and ministries like ours all around the world that are supported by the Body of Christ. Please pray that more get involved in these last days, so we can reach more unsaved people by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also want to thank Healing Hearts Across Borders, that come faithfully, rain or shine, to our shelter once a month and every 3 months to 2 colonies. They are such a blessing, seeing over 1,000 people per trip with free service and medication and food. If you want to come down and join us, look them up at their web page H.H.A.B!


We have been very busy with weddings, baptisms, bible studies, men and women breakfast bible studies and the list goes on andjuly2 on. But thanks to God for supplying us with all our strength and the wisdom, to get it all accomplished!

Time for a testimony. Enrique is one of three men that have come out of the dump; all three are still with us! Enrique was baptized recently, which is a huge praise report because he was one who always said he wanted to serve the Lord, but was not willing to go to the ranch.


Well, thanks to God, He moved certain circumstances around in Enrique’s life and so that one Wednesday afternoon, which is the day I go into the dump to make a change of staff and visit the members of the church, Enrique was waiting for me.

He said, “I am ready. I am ready to submit myself to God’s will and do whatever it takes! Will you take me to the ranch?” I said, ‘Of course, I have been waiting for God to move in your heart.” So we drove to the ranch after I was done at the dump. Again, it was a long day, but like always, it was well worth it!

There is nothing better than seeing somebody who was not willing to surrender to God, to finally allow themselves to be broken and then out of nowhere, come surrender and say I am willing!

Then to see that person grow in the Lord and get baptized! There are so many stories like Enrique’s, but please pray for the other men, that are still struggling. Pray that they will surrender to the Lord and commit their lives to Him!

For His is the reason we do what we do, not just to do good deeds, but to allow ourselves to be God’s instruments in bringing Him all the Praise!


Also, Leonardo and his wife Balvina, and their two girls have been with us for about 6 months. Leonardo is one of the originarsz_july4l gang members from the colonia Libertad back in 1996. He ended up going to prison in the beginning of 1997.

I ran into him when we opened a church at Valle de Las Palmas. which is the housing project about a mile from the dump. He started coming to church and sharing afterwards. He asked if he and his wife could come and serve in the ministry!

Now, Leonardo is working at the shelter, while his wife works at the Orphanage. So when Leonardo gets done at the shelter, he walks to the House of Grace to be with his family. Another praise report! Again 96% of our staff have come out of gangs, drugs and prostitution. All praise goes to Jesus Christ, yes, He is good!

Also, as you might have noticed on Facebook, we are keeping busy with the building of the boys dorm, it will be for boys ages 13 and older! Thanks to the Romani family, we have $30,000 for the project, this will allow us to finish both floors. Unfortunately, it is not enough to complete all the inner walls of the second floor, plus the lighting fixtures and bunk beds and so on. So, will you please consider helping us raise the remainding balance, though the amount is not quite clear, yet. We are trying to do as much labor as possible with the help of an engineer, who is charging us only half of his normal rate!

Also, keep us in your prayers as our youth will be going out on their mission trip in mid-July. We started making plans to go to Oaxaca, buying the airline tickets and so on! The cost will be $400.00 per person, so we are selling and doing anything possible to raise the funds!


Here is another exciting update, we have finished paying off the mission center! The house now belongs to the La Roca ministries of Tijuana, what a praise report and thanks to our dear brothers from Trinity church in Colorado for making this possible!

Anyways, thank you for being faithful to God’s calling and being part of La Roca family. We miss you and hope to see you all soon, in God’s timing!

Your missionaries, Carlos and Rossy and the rest of the family!