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April 2016 Newsletter

Greeting to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord, 

2016 continues to be an exciting year in seeing where the Lord is taking us now and opening up doors to expand in further away places.

My wife, Karla and a small team of 6 went for the second time to the mountains of Oaxaca, to work with the people of Mixe.

There they brought the word of God to bring reconciliation between the people, forgiving and learning to embrace one another!

When it came time to leave, all they kept asking was, “when are you coming back?” My daughter Karla did not want to leave either, she fell in love with the children!

What a blessing it was for both our team and the people there!

We are planning on going next year around the end of June, so please keep us in your prayers as we go beyond our comfort zone, and allow God to use us as He pleases!

At the dump we have a family from our church, who has stepped up to the plate and gone to live among the people.


Their names are: Erick, Benita, Israel and Belen. They are there to better serve the community around us; with teaching and good cooking for all the kids and workers of the dump.

The church is slowly growing as we win their trust; showing them that we are not going anywhere, but we are there to stay!


Thanks for allowing us to continue to grow through your many prayers and donations that make all this possible!  We all know who is in front of all this, right! With no doubt, it is God who marches before us and who is the One that sustains us! Amen!  

At the ranch, men are continuing to get discipled and trained for the work of ministry!

Please pray that out of this new group, a new teacher will arise. In most cases, we find ourselves needing trained staff faster than what we can produce them!


At the Orphanage, things are moving ahead. We are almost done with the laundry room and just need to hook up the electricity and plumbing; then move the washing machines from upstairs, and the two washers that need to be brought across the border!


We are planning on making a study room where the laundry room was, with computers, desks and chairs, which are all a major need! Also, we redid the girls bathroom, it was a must.

We are also going to expand the boys room, building a second floor, but first we need to strengthen the retaining walls before building.

Almost there! Much work and few hands! Again, thank you for those who have helped in making this all possible!


A Quick update: Reynaldo, who is 9 years old, had been with us for a while; he was rewarded by the courts to his grandmother. That is a praise report, though we already miss him!

Like I say every month, there is so much to say, but not enough space to say it all. Again, thank you for being part of the family! I understand so clearly that we are the body of Christ and when the body works together, nothing is impossible! Amen!

Your missionaries for Christ;Carlos, Rossy and the rest of the team!