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February 2016 Newsletter

Greeting to all our dear friends;

The beginning of this New Year has started off great, and we are all excited for what the Lord has in store for us! We are blessed to be the hands of Jesus Christ here on earth; to be the instruments that God uses to bless those in need!

The challenges are great, but we have a great God, and with him all things are possible! Amen!

It is to no surprise that the violence around the dump continues. Moises, who is 31 years old, was shot. The bullet entering his abdomen caused complications with his stomach, causing him to go into surgery. They ended up cutting out part of his large intestine. He needs bags to place around the opening to allow his stool to drain.

His mother brought him over to the church at the dump asking for help! How could I say no!? We bought him the bags, which cost around $4 dollars each. I also told her that we will help him with his next clinical study that cost $120 that he needs for his next surgery in March!

He is unable to work and all the weight is on his mother who is at home taking care of him! I managed to get him to smile for the camera, regardless of his condition, please pray for him and his mother!


Here is a praise report. Some of you may know her, Deborah, who is 24 years old is now on our staff at the House of Grace.  Here is a short story of how she came to us. She was abandoned by her mother and put into an orphanage at the age of 2.

Her mother never came back for her, so she grew up in a orphanage, bitter. Once she turned 18, it was time to leave the orphanage where she grew up, unfortunately, she had no place to go.

She started working in a restaurant, where she met a nice man, so she thought. One day, he gave her a drug which she thought was for a headache. She became drowsy and he raped her! She was desperate and did not know what to do. She called Rossy, who knew her for years and told her to come with us!

Here at La Roca, she gave birth to Juanito while learning to forgive and most importantly, how to become a mother. She has become the right hand of Mari and Federico who are our directors at the Orphanage. She has been a blessing, a good worker and sister in the Lord! Please keep her in your prayers!


The Orphanage is such a great joy to be at, the kids love to love and be loved! They love to play in La Roca park in the back of the house. The girls’ favorite game is being rolled in a yellow tube until they come out spinning, and of course the swings take second place! The boys love rough games, where they can show how tough they are. I had them play watch T.V. it is something they had us do in the Marine Corp. You lied down on concrete and got on our elbows, and then take turn changing the channels with your right or left hand, causing you to put all your weight on just one elbow. Two were left and they would not quit regardless of the pain.


I had to call it a tie as I did not want any of them getting hurt, but both of them sure showed they could endure pain!

Please pray for them, I know they learn to become hard, and who would not, knowing that you have parents but they don’t want you? Some are in drugs or in prostitution and others are in jail! I don’t know what is worse knowing your parents and knowing they are in drugs and prostitution, or just not knowing anything about them?

As you see we keep busy doing the Lords work and there is so much more that I don’t have the space to write about, but do keep us in your prayers and thanks for being part of the Roca family! Together with our Lord leading us, all things are possible!