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January 2016 Newsletter

Dear brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Greeting to all, what a wonderful and strong finish we had in the month of December. All of us here at La Roca want to THANK YOU for making all of it possible! We are excited for what awaits us in 2016!

I thank God for His faithfulness, I can’t say it enough times! It’s all Him! I also want to thank all our staff that work hard day in and day out, because we know who called us, and from where He brought us!

This ministry is all about bringing awareness of the Gospel and blessing others; for example, Robert, who thanks to many of your donations, was able to have his eye sight saved!


Thanks to your donations we’ve had the opportunity to take more children off the streets and out of the dump. We are then able to provide them with warm beds to sleep in, 3 warm meals per day, an education, a loving home, and much more; what a blessing!

Men and women have come to our shelter and found a place they can call home and have been given the opportunity to have a new beginning! Another blessing!

Men who want to come to know God and become disciples for Christ are taken to the recovery ranch. From there, many have prepared themselves to become part of the La Roca Team!


Thanks to your donations, many who want more preparation can go into our bible school that will actually earn them college credits from Baja California. Another Praise report!

As you see, we keep busy doing the Lords work, bringing people face to face with the Gospel of His Kingdom!


For example, while I was visiting the shelter just last week, Josue came by, he said “I received the Lord Jesus and learned so much here. It was a place where I was received when I had no place to go. I thank God for you and the many Godly people here!”


Another example Sigifredo, he got deported after serving an 8 year sentence for stabbing his wife and wandered the streets of Tijuana for a year and a half until he heard about La Roca Ranch while eating breakfast at another ministry. He heard it was where you can go and be prepared for ministry; He said, “That’s it, that’s where I’ll go!” He arrived here and soon found himself on staff at the shelter! Another praise report!


Wow, what words of encouragement! It is so great to see so many men and women have come to our doors without hope, and find the Savior who gives them hope, peace, and most important, Salvation!

Just a quick note, we served over 2,500 meals and gave over 1,200 gifts to children in just the month of December, and in January we have finally received the permits for the orphanage.


Only 4 out of 123 orphanages passed all the new regulations for operation! Wow, Praise God!

There is so much more to write about, but I would like to add some pictures for everybody to enjoy! Also, this month makes 20 years of serving our Lord faithfully, here in Tijuana. Wow, looking back and seeing just how far God has allowed us to move forward, the people we have reached, ministries we have been able to start and so much more! THANKS FOR STANDING WITH US THESE 20 YEARS!

Your missionaries, Carlos and Rossy and the rest of La Roca team!