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September 2015 Newsletter

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord! 

Well summer is over! With Halloween and Christmas supplies and decorations all around us, it’s hard not to over look that summer is over!

Our kids are back in school with all new uniforms and school supplies, and a list a mile long. It’s nothing but a miracle that all the needs are met though the body of Christ. I can’t imagine doing all this without all those who faithfully support us in prayer and financially.

Both are desperately needed as we continue marching ahead in the calling that God has placed on us!

We just had twenty men baptized, and it was such a blessing seeing so many men being grateful and hungry for God’s word! One man said, “I know this is the place for me. Seeing you Pastor, surrounded by men who once were despised by society, without a country, and without hope, becoming men of God and following the example you have given us; but especially Gods calling in our lives!” 

We want to thank YWAM for building a small house this summer for Federico and his family. What a blessing! Federico is now being trained in pulling the trailer to the dump. All this is taking a little longer than expected, but we sure don’t want any accidents. What a praise report, that we are one step closer in having our own missionary at the dump reaching out to the children and addicts. 

Our bible school is starting out great, with a new semester on its way and with about 25 students, it has much promise.  Please keep in your prayers these students for perseverance. 

One more praise report, our dear brother, Howdy, drove down from Colorado towing our new diesel truck to haul rsz_nl4the very important water needed for the ranch. Also, he brought a very much needed diesel generator. It was an answer to our prayers. But wait, there is still more, Howdy also brought the pipes need to complete the very much needed hall railing for the shelter. 
Wow, amazing what just one man can do if committed and allows himself to be a blessing from God! Thank you rsz_nl5Jesus for using Howdy and thanks to his wife for sharing him with us, many blessing!   

This past week sadly we saw the passing of one of La Roca shelter residents. His name is Guillermo Eberrando, originally from Guatemala and an old face at La Roca shelter. He was deportee like many of our residents and spent considerable time in Los Angeles working there. His wife and kids are in Guatemala and I have to assume rsz_nl6he’s been sending money to support his family. 

He bid goodbye to some of us last Friday as he was making an attempt to illegally cross to the U.S. in the Tecate sector. According to his own account, he was kidnapped and severely beaten by the coyotes in their attempt to extract the contact information of family form Guillermo. The family was then contacted and extorted to pay the ransom money to have the family member released. 

Guillermo is a diabetic and has high blood pressure. He made it back to the shelter somehow but already suffering from internal bleeding (on the hindsight). At the General Hospital in Tijuana he was given a prescription for diabetic and hypertension after casual examination. However no X-ray or MRI procedure was performed, which could have lead to more accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of his true medical condition; internal bleeding. 

Guillermo didn’t have money to buy the medicines so Cecilia Montoya and one shelter resident, pooled $ 250 pesos together. The actual cost of medicine was only $ 13 pesos. One person with former nurse training from the women shelter treated his skin conditions and yet another resident of the men’s shelter prayed over him. 

Guillermo then retired for the evening after taking his medicine. That was the last time most of us saw him as he was taken again to Tijuana General Hospital the next morning and passed away the same afternoon; 4 pm on August 27 Wednesday. 

One major update: our fundraising is coming along. Slowly, but making some head way. We are now needing only $59,900.00. Like I said before, it’s within our reach, but still monies we do not have. I am even considering support for a one person walk marathon, which is me! 

From the border, to as far north as I can walk in 24 hours, and you are invited to walk with me. If so who would willing to support and raise funds for such an event or better yet who is willing to walk? Call me at my cell phone for any idea’s (619) 890-2830. 

As you see, we are involved in doing and reaching out to so many people in so many situations. All I can say is this, Thank you for allowing us to be the arms and feet of Christ. Thanks for allowing us to be an extension of you and your church. La Roca team works long hours and the needs around us never end. Please keep us in your prayers! 

Your missionaries, Carlos – Rossy and family