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August 2015 Newsletter


I want to thank you for all your prayers and support; it goes a long way with us! Many people are surprised with all we are able to do with so little money! All I know, is that with God, all things are possible!

From the Orphanage where we take care of 17 boys and 12 girls, with school supplies and uniforms to all their personal needs, to the 180 men 15 women that we shelter and feed every night that have no place to go!

To our discipleship ranch where have 24 men going though our program and thanks to God, we have now started a discipleship recovery for women at the ranch!

Our first two women at the recovery discipleship ranch are a grandmother named Martha and her daughter named Mari and their 4 girls! Mari, who is only 20 years old, is pregnant and unsure of her due date.  They came with only one bag for all four of them! She has been using Crystal Meth during her pregnancy, and she must be easily past her 7th month. We will confirm this when our doctor comes in on Tuesday!  Please pray for the safety of this unborn child!

Now to give you a better understanding of where these two came from, try imagining being in a situation where you lived and worked in filth, and had no running water to clean yourself; or a place where if your child is gravely ill, there is nowhere near that is safe to take them; a place where you have no protection and no one looking out for you or your family.

A place where even the police dare not enter by themselves! A place even as poor as it is, there is still plenty of drugs and prostitution! I hope this helps you begin to form a picture in your mind of the community of La Esperanza. (community at the dump)

So I am grateful to God to allow us to be here full time and to be a light of hope to the people who live there. We offer them love and respect above all else and all the services that we have. We would like to begin giving dinner every night for the children and workers of the dump.

However, for now we give drinking water and water for showers 3 days per week and we make oat meal every morning. We now have a bathroom and are quite pleased to announce that we have taken 8 children out of the dump and have placed some in school with the hope of breaking this vicious cycle! Again, thanks for making this all possible!

In His Passion, Carlos and Rossy and team!