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July 2015 Newsletter

Greetings to all.

The month of June and the beginning of July have been very busy, so I apologize  for not getting to our emails and responding to our face book request in a timely manner. I Hope you all understand!

I want to thank so many who have come to be a blessing tothe people of Tijuana and to us as a ministry! We now have a small solar panel at the ranch for the kitchen and a brand new gas refrigerator.  A lot of painting has been done as well! Also, many might have seen on facebook that at the dump, the new dorm of 30 by 60 feet long being used for the church and for the feeding of the children and a small house for the staff!

By the way if anybody is willing or looking for a small project, would you consider building a small house for an elderly couple named Gloria and Martin? The cost of building this small house is one thousand dollars!

But the big news is, our twins Nancy and Susana who are 4 1/2 years old; they live at the dump with their father named Philippi. Philippi had been struggling with drugs, and the loss of his wife a year ago did not help. He approached me one Sunday after church service and said, “I need your help with my drug problem, but I also need a place for my two girls, can you help me?”

I want to thank all of you who make this possible, and allowing me to say yes!

I told him, “We have our Orphanage and we also have a recovery disciple ranch! When would you like to go?” he said, “I am ready now!” So I took them to the Orphanage so the father would be at peace knowing where his girls would be staying and then I took him to the ranch. Let me tell you, it was a very long day!

Three weeks later, they are still with us. Please pray for Philippi as he was found with tuberculosis and is now receiving treatments; but thank God his girls tested negative!

We also have taken in three boys at the Orphanage from the dump. A set of brothers; Ulises (6 years old) and Jose (8 years old) and their cousin Hector (13 years old).  The two brothers were being taken to school daily by our staff. The Grandmother, named Martha, came and asked if we could help her with her two daughters. She said, “I take care of my two son’s and 3 grandchildren and one more is on the way!”

She told me, “My two daughters and I are willing to go into recovery, we need help. We want a better life for our children, out of this dump! We want to be better mothers!” So we agreed to wait till school was over, and we would take the boys first, and then the girls.

This is pushing us to consider opening up a recovery for women at the ranch again. We realize the great challenges that come with this, but the need is so great, and God knows we have always been ready to stretch ourselves to follow His lead!

Please pray for us as the ministry has grown. The authorities have gotten stricter with all of the ministries like the Orphanage, shelter and recovery ranch; costing us into the thousands by putting in smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency doors and lights in every structure.  This is all good, but very expensive!

There is so much more to say and write about. All I can say is please pray for us as we continue to advance His kingdom though out Tijuana and beyond!

In His Passion!

Your missionaries;

Carlos and Rossy and the rest of the team!