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March 2015 Newsletter

Greeting to all our brothers and sisters in the Lords!

First off, I would like to say, thank you all for your prayers and support. Like always, there is so much to write about what is taking place in our ministry. From bringing the shelter to having over 200 people per night, to taking care of little children who have no stable home to live at, because of addictions and prostitution.

In the far east of Tijuana, where we are daily, we are feeding and taking the children of the dump to school. There we have started two churches, one at the dump and the other 1 1/12 miles away from the dump, called Valle de las Palmas!

It is like being in two different worlds when comparing these two different colonias; yet they are so close to one.

This past Sunday, there were shootings and 3 people were killed and several shed houses were burned! This is the third time since we have been there that this has happened, but they leave us alone! The kids were all brought inside and the men and staff stayed outside at the entrance! That same night another shooting took place. Alex said he stayed inside the trailer praying, and the police were nowhere to be seen!

This is the reason why we opened the other church in Valle de Las Palmas. Most people were not willing to go because of all the violence that takes place. So you can understand if we ask for your prayers, that we truly need them more than ever!

We are being stretched, in every direction, especially at the dump! Every time we say we are busy, it’s hard to imagine us getting busier, but as the ministry grows so do we!

In the west, the ranch stands in the middle of progress! The grounds around us are being developed and small houses are slowly being built!

Please pray for this ministry that is so important to our progress!  From here come our future servants and staff! The men are doing a great job keeping the ranch clean and beautiful! Andres and Rafael are doing a great Job leading!

So as you see, there is so much taking place and so much more that did not get written. Like we keep saying, we are busy working, reaching the lost, nobody can say we have gotten conformable!

So again thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers! If it were not for your prayers, who knows if we would have ever gotten this far!

Thanks for being part of La Roca family, we love you and miss you. I hope in the Lords Name to see you all soon! Happy Easter as we celebrate the one that the grave could not keep, Romans 4:25. Who was delivered up because of our offenses and was raised because of justification.