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December 2015 Newsletter


Greetings my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord! Christmas in upon us, ready or not!


Since the Thanksgiving celebration, where we had around 250 people for dinner, things have not slowed down!

We of course did not do this by ourselves, our dear brothers from Sacramento have been faithfully helping us out during Thanksgiving week for 10 years now! Thanks to all for being faithful, we could not have done it without them!


We also have been busy passing out blankets with the help of channel 12 news of Tijuana! They heard of all the work we are doing around Tijuana and wanted to bless the people in the area’s that we work with.    

The dump, shelter, and soon Delicias! What a praise report! To see all the work we have done for years, without ever wondering if it ever was going to be noticed by the city we work in, its exciting to see that we have made a difference!


God has always been our witness, that we have been good stewards of His province and that has always been enough for us! I would like to share some stories as we finish this year, and what an exciting year it has been!


Sandra, is 45 years old and has been part of the La Roca church for two years now, and has been serving at the House of Grace for 7 months!   But let me go back several years, before she came to our doors. Sandra came to Tijuana with the hope of work, as many others do!

She found work, in a major factory. However, she became very ill and couldn’t shake it off, causing her to lose her job and soon her apartment; making her homeless.   She was not able to rebound back. She struggled to find work and found herself using drugs like so many others that have come to this city!

She was also struggling with hunger and was told about the feeding La Roca did in the water canal. Sandra went and heard Alex share the word and give an invitation to the women’s breakfast and also to the new women’s shelter.  She attended the breakfast and was soon brought into the women’s shelter. That was the beginning of a new life for Sandra! She gave her life to the Lord and a year later she was brought in as a volunteer at the Orphanage, and now she works there full time! Some of you who have come have met her; she is quiet, but hard working!

She has not seen her family for seven years, and the news broke my wife Rossy’s heart. Rossy told me that we needed to do something about it. She suggested buying her an airline ticket to go back to her family for a Christmas present. Well, you know I said yes and so we are going to miss her greatly.  Sandra is so grateful to God first and also the La Roca family!

She said to give thanks to all who make this possible! I told her if she ever wanted to come back, she has a job and a family waiting for her. Wow, what a praise report! There are so many stories like Sandra; from the dump, the Zona Northe, Delicias and the many changing lives that are taking place at our Discipleship Ranch.

We Thank God first, and to all of you who are part of La Roca family! Thanks for believing in us, as we are working hard taking the Gospel to the people of Tijuana!

We all desire you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

Your missionaries, Carlos and Rossy, Christina and Karla and the rest of the team!