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November 2015 Newsletter


Dear brothers and sisters, greetings to all!

How time flies by; I really can’t believe that Christmas and Thanksgiving are both just around the corner again! However, we should be excited, considering that we will be celebrating and giving thanks for the birth of our savior and redeemer!It’s unfortunate that we get so wrapped up with all the dinners, gifts and events that we lose sight of the most important event of this season! So I want to tell you all to stop and take a breath and give thanks, and then have a wonderful Christmas celebration, Amen!

Giving thanks to God is easy, because He is faithful! In January of 2016 it will be our 20 year anniversary in Tijuana. We came with nothing, not even a clue of what we were going to do! All I knew is that we wanted to do God’s will, and I believed that He was more than sufficient to hold us and provide for us! So we followed in faith!


At the Orphanage we have a set of twins, Nancy and Susana, who are 5 years old. What a difference weeks can make, from being in the dump, living in a small shed of 8ft x 12ft with no water, no plumbing, no electricity and no school and with hardly any food! Their mother died from complications from drug use and Felipe their father could no longer provide for them while working at the dump. Now they are in school for the first time with a new hope and a great opportunity of a better future!  All thanks goes to our Lord Jesus Christ who provides for these beautiful children!


Both of the girls had no fault in where they were born. Just a stone thrown away made all the difference. But we must remember, that we have a great God and with Him nothing is impossible, Amen!

We now have 34 children and 2 mothers not including the staff, so we are full. We are trying to keep up with the growth, by building a laundry room in the back so we can covert the old laundry room into a study room for the kids with computers and all.


Can you imagine 34 kids and almost all going to school and trying to get their homework done, and especially with only one computer? Hard to imagine, so will you consider blessing our kids with their own study room and 3 or more computers? That will be a great Christmas gift!


At the dump, we have finally been able to build Gloria and Martin’s house. They are both so thankful, especially right before the rains started! Also, we have started feeding spaghetti dinner 3 times per week, our goal is making dinner 6 times per week! We make a simple breakfast of oat meal every morning! Also, we are approximately 80% done with the concrete floor!

We are planning of building a kitchen with a bedroom for Ancencion and his wife Benita and their 2 children to minister to the people there. There are many women and children who need to be reached and this family will be the best for it! Please pray for them!


At one time, when we were feeding after a bible study, Martha the god-mother of the dump, came in and right after her came several other women with make-up and were dressed very provocatively. You knew what they were into! I was very taken aback, thinking this was a new low. Working in the dump and enslaved to drugs, but now also prostitution, what? I quickly recovered and went to speak to them and invite them in. Martha grabbed a quick bite and out they went! I try to go visit her every time I go into the dump, showing her respect and willing to listen to her, for any complaints or for any prayer request on her behalf!

Again, thanks to God for His faithfulness and to all who have responded to God’s calling in their hearts to make this all possible!  Thanks to God for allowing us to have a good relationship with Martha and her family. They have opened the doors for us to work there with confidence!

Again Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and for being part of La Roca family!

In the Passion of Christ;

Your missionaries

Carlos and Rossy Montoya