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October 2015 Newsletter


Greeting to all;

We are in the month of October and I can’t believe that Christmas decorations are already out in full force! I love these times that are just around the corner. We have so much to be thankful for! God has been good this year in allowing us to advance His kingdom to the four corners of Tijuana!

We have taken out of the dump 8 children, two mothers and two fathers! Also, just recently one of the men called Juan Carlos, that comes once in a while to the church at the dump, came determined to go to the ranch this particular Sunday. I told him that the van was almost full and I had two families with me, plus some of the worship team!  But he continued to press on, “you can’t leave me! I am tired, I want to serve God! I want to learn to worship him at La Roca!”

“Don’t leave me; just let me go get my 2 pairs of pants and my guitar.” So finally I gave in and told all that were with me, that we were going to make a quick stop at the ranch!

Now for those who know where the ranch is, know that there are no quick stops at the ranch. All the way up there he could not stop talking and crying! In all his talking I learned that they called him commander. I asked him, “why do they call you commander?” He responded quietly, “I used to be a police officer in Tijuana!”

“But I did not want to do some of the things they were asking me to do, so I ran off and destroyed my police car before I left. Then, I went to the dump to hide, knowing that they were going to start looking for me!”  Juan Carlos told me, “I have been hiding for over 15 years, and I am tired; tired of hiding, drugs and alcohol! I want to be free again! I want God to change me, I want to follow Jesus Christ. I want to serve Him as you spoke this Sunday!” Please pray for Juan Carlos!

I went to visit him four days later and he was still there. To our surprise, he was so happy he said, “I feel like a new born baby again. Thanks to God and my dear brothers at the ranch!”


Also, I want to say that Martha, Mari and all their children are doing great! The baby was born healthy with no complication and they are now at the House of Grace, with all their children! The oldest girl has started school and all are so happy to be there!

Here are 3 pictures of their journey from the dump, to the ranch, to now the House of Grace; you can see their faces with hope and joy now, compared to the beginning!

I can’t stop thanking God for calling me along with my family to do this great work, which brings so much satisfaction knowing that we are reaching lost souls for Christ!

Also, I want to take advantage of this time to put together a short early Christmas list. Things that are needed to give a better service to the people which we serve!

  1. One is a small SUV, since now I am traveling to the far corners of Tijuana our gas bill has increased by quite a large margin!
  2. A playground for the ranch, for the children of the mothers who come seeking recovery!
  3. Small generator for the dump, as we have movie nights and other activities such as making oat meal every Moring and spaghetti twice a week!
  4. Groups with the skills for helping us finish septic tanks for the main dormitory at the ranch and family housing!
  5. 10 bunk beds for the main dormitory at the ranch as we make space for the women ministry!  $100 per bunk bed.
  6. We are looking for help in blessing the staff, the men to a men retreat in Rosarito for 1 night 2 days, cost $100.00 dollars each. Would you help sponsor one person? Thanks!

These are just a few of the things we need. Also, we now have a part-time doctor for the ministry at the ranch and a part time sociologist for the Orphanage. Cost we never had before, but as we continue to grow, more is to be expected from us!

Again thanks for being part of La Roca family and keeping us close to your hearts in prayer!

In His Love,  Carlos, Rossy and the rest of the La Roca family!