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March 2014 Newsletter

Greeting to all my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!

I hope you all find yourselves well after such a fast start this year. I can’t believe it! It’s March already! Easter is just around the corner! What a wonderful event that took place that the world cannot over look; Jesus lives! The grave could not keep Him nor did death have the strength to hold Him.  Satan thought he had a victory; but Jesus broke through all bondage so that you and I can live!

So we can all say with ALL confidence, I live because Jesus lives! I was dead, but now I am alive! I searched for destruction, but now I have life!  I had a heart of stone, but now I have a heart of flesh!My destination was hell, but now is a home with my heavenly Father! Praise Him all the time!

We have been keeping so busy with all that is going on: the building and opening of the women’s shelter, trying to finish the playground at the House of Grace and of course the expansion of the shelter. There is no such thing as a slow day!

We now have up to 165 men at the shelter, and 5 to 7 women. This has put a greater demand on our staff. More food, more calls to Red Cross, longer lines for showers and bathrooms and just more expenses in general.

But the men, women and youth that stay with us are happy and grateful for our service because we do it unto the Lord, Amen! Thanks to God we have a larger kitchen, 5 showers, lockers, new blankets, new bunk beds and so much more!

But most men are happy because they feel at home. Thanks also to my mother who treats them like kids, spoiling them when possible. For those who do not know, we have a small grave yard at the ranch. It is for those who die and have no family; so we pick up the cost and give them a place to rest.

Most everybody is surprised by all that we have to offer and with the way they are treated, thanks to Rudy and the rest of staff. But especially to you who give so graciously month after month. We thank you and know that the only way this can happen is by doing it together as a team and a family in Christ! For only He gives us the love and strength to love our neighbor as ourselves and much more!

We started a Friday night service at 7 pm. Our first Friday was during the major storm that hit California, but that did not keep 70 people from coming! This service is for those who work in the day and can’t come on Sunday morning; pray that it catches on, so many can hear the Gospel and come to salvation, Amen!

At the House of Grace, one of our youth is going home with her father and step mother. It could not have come at a better time. Zoraya’s mother, who has been clean for years, had a major slip back into drugs and is back in the streets. This took place at the end of 2013.

Of course this has been devastating to Zoraya, to the point that her grades dropped from being #1 in her school to being average. This took place for weeks. Her father, who had been out of her life for about 6 years, found her and started coming to our counseling class sharing that he would like for his daughter to go home with him.

After counsel with staff, we all agreed that it was the best thing for Zoraya. She needs her father now more than ever. So as of March 5th, one of our dear girls is gone. But thanks to God, She is going to a home with her family, which she has been praying for! Again, thanks for making this possible. God uses us to be the means in which children can find themselves back home. Like I have said, “what greater gift can you give a child, than their parents?”

Our feeding on Tuesday’s has changed locations. It’s along the border next to the river channel, where most homeless and addicts hang out. It is out of the reach from the police or at least makes it more difficult for the police to reach them, as they run across the channel or go into the drains tunnels that go under the freeways. But this is the spot that if you are homeless, is the most depressing.  All you can see to the north is the USA, which is out of reach for most.

What brings more depression is to the south, where there is no help! There is no government assistance like in the USA. There is no welfare. You could say we are the welfare for those who are broken and hurting! There is no government shelter or government clinic to help their people with addiction. Rehabs that exist are out to reach for most. No money and no help. But that is where we come in. Our beautiful ranch is free of charge for those who want to go and get the help of our 9 month program.

It’s where many lives have been changed, fathers have been reconnected with their children and husbands back to their families. What a wonderful work that God has called us to do! I would not change a thing in my 18 years working and serving the Lord and the people of Tijuana!

Thanks for being part of our team and family! I love you all and hope to see many of our group come back and continue to bless the work that is being done.

In His Love, Carlos and Rossy and family!

Happy Easter from all of us!