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February 2014 Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters, Greetings!

As we begin another year of ministry together, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your commitment to La Roca ministries.

By the Lord's grace, your support is vital to the work that the Lord has called us to. We often say here, our Ministry Partners make ministry happen, and we are thankful for your prayers and donations that under-gird our outreach to all those in Tijuana, Mexico and beyond.

We have sent hundreds of sons, daughters and fathers back home to their families through out Mexico. And many have stayed and have become part of the team here in Tijuana.

I want to share this short story about Yajayra. She is 21 and has been with us at the Orphanage since she was 15, along with her sister Violeta. Neither one has seen their father in a long time. Until recently after seeking for days on facebook, Yajayra found a member of her family.

They contacted her father and he wrote to her confirming that he was her dad.  He invited Yajayra to go visit so they could have a family reunion. The sad part, is that her sister Violeta has a different father and its making this a difficult situation.

One reason that they had a hard time trying to contact each other is that Yajayra’s father works for the circus and as you know, they are always on the go, moving from place to place.

Yajayra has been with her father now for 1 week. Her father called us to thank us for taking care of his daughter all these years! They asked if she could stay another week and we said of course.

The reason that Yajayra wants to come back, is for her sister and because she has a full time job working in a lawyers firm. She works as an office assistant and 1 day a week she helps us with our accounting. She is happy and told us it’s a dream come true and said to thank all of the donors that help make things like this possible. 

We as a ministry go out into the highways and hedges as said in scripture in Luke 14:23. Inviting all to come in so that the Lords house may be filled!

We go to the ones that most do not want to reach, because of the danger and conditions. Under the bridges and sewer tunnels that run along the border. Most of them have drug and alcohol problems, but we have not given up on then. We go to them as Jesus came to us!

Many have been asking where we are with the purchase of the church and shelter building, well we now need  $74,000 dollars and the miracle is becoming more of a reality, Wow! I can’t believe it.  Please become a part of what God is doing and be a blessing to so many people that we are helping. But most important those that are coming to our Lords Jesus feet!

The Shelter

We are now housing 155 men per night not including our youth and staff. Thanks to God we have a good committed staff and we have blessed them with new uniforms. Now they can look professional and united, which they are! What a blessing, you have to come and see it for yourself; it’s a praise report of God's faithfulness!

The Orphanage

The children have started the New Year in a new school that is full time.  Instead of 4 hours per day, they are now at school for 7 hours.  And to my surprise, when I asked them about their new school as they were getting out of the van after the first week,  they all were happy and cheerful!

One said, "we now have two recess’s" another said, "we have two lunch breaks and we have a big play area and our class rooms are big!" I was surprised, because we really had no idea how the children were going to respond to longer hours and more home work. But they love it!

The Ranch

Has filled up, reaching 35 plus staff. And we have to say no, because we need a bigger detox room. The one we have now can only handle 3 men at a time. This would be a great project for a group that wants to bless us in this great need. Come and play soccer and fellowship with the men and worship together. It’s a blessing to all those who have come!

There is so much to write about, but I am running out of room. Let me just say thanks again for your faithfulness in your prayers and giving. Thanks for believing in us, and for making this ministry happen! Below are pictures of children at the dump at Christmas!

Your missionaries, Carlos and Rossy and family!

Changing lives, transforming generations, Face to Face!