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December 2014 Newsletter

Greeting dear brother and sisters;

I would love to thank each one of you for your prayers and support! It has been another amazing year and we have been blessed by God by allowing us to open up a small church of 25 at the dump. We are there for 3 days: Sunday to Tuesday!

We are cooking 3 meals for the children at the dump, the elderly and the workers! We take whatever donations we get; from clothing to food to the most important message that we got for free: the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you ask me what my Christmas wish is, I always have a hard time answering, because the need is so great around us! How about a 35 foot office trailer for the church and also for the feeding of the people of the dump! Some tables and chairs.

How about funds to buy more food for the children? I know many don’t like giving to the church, but I promise you and those who know me, we are doing the works that the church should be doing!

We are feeding the poor, helping the orphans and the widows! We are reaching the lost and walking among them! We are not waiting for them to come to us, we are going to them and living among them!

Our desire is to spend more time with the people of the dump. We want to spend 6 days per week rather than 3. Imagine the Christmas gift of the love of Christ shown through building relationships, and utilizing the programs in place to help them with addictions of drugs and alcohol.  And most importantly, allowing us to bring the message of salvation, the great Christmas story!

We are so excited that God’s blessing is upon us. Especially for allowing us to open the women shelter to help those women who have lost it all and find themselves in the streets and in most cases with their children! We at La Roca ministries open our arms and say come all who are tired and come and find rest in Jesus, because this ministry is Jesus arms and feet!  We Love Jesus and He has given us the passion and Grace to help others in need and again the most important message, the Christmas story! Emmanuel, God with us!

We are also going to rent a bus, to bring the children from the dump to our Christmas outreach, and the children from Delicias and of course the Zona Norte! They are in for a treat!

 Will you help us make this Christmas their best one yet? Which in reality will not take much; but let’s blow their minds away!

This is going to be a great celebration and a great way to bring hope to all around us! We shine God’s light in the darkest places in Tijuana, where people are longing for hope, and we are privileged to bring Hope that can only come from a loving Savior! Amen!

We are blessed with the Orphanage and the house we were able to buy for the children of parents who find themselves enslaved to drugs, alcohol and prostitution. A lot of people say, why help people who chose that life style?

I would like to challenge you with this; have you ever heard anybody say, “one day I’m going to be an addict, a prostitute and lose my job and beat my wife and children?” I think not!

But I have heard many say, “I will never become like my father or mother.” It’s sad to say, but many become exactly that. That my friend, is sin, and we are enslaved to sin. Will you help us continue to bring the message of the Gospel that has the power to break all bondage to sin to the people of Tijuana?!? That my friend is the message of Christmas! Amen!

Also, another Christmas gift is the remaining $45,900.00 for the purchase of the property we use to bless so many people, in so many ways! Again we thank all of you for helping raise funds in the walk-a-thon. We raised 13,000.00! That is a praise report! God is faithful! Amen!

Your missionaries; Carlos, Rossy, Christina and Karla and the rest of the La Roca family!

May You All Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

We are ending the year with a bang!