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November 2014 Newsletter

Dear brothers and sister, greetings!

It’s amazing to see how time has flown by. It doesn’t help that it gets darker earlier! Christmas decorations are out before October 31st and it kind of throws you off, but ready or not, here we go!

The dump ministry has taken off with a greater commitment; we are going into our 2nd month, and we have started a small church service at the dump every Sunday at 4pm! There is anywhere from 15 to 20 people attending and there is much excitement going around.We have already taken 3 men from the dump into the ranch for drug recovery and all 3 are still there! That is a praise report! We are making a major difference there!

We are also bringing clean water and food for the people that live there but especially for the children. We of course plan to bring all the children from the dump to La Roca Church for Christmas gift in December. Please keep Federico, his mother and Nacho in your prayers; they are doing a great job! By the way, they are staying out there for two nights and three days!

The Ranch has been full since October; now with 38 men including the staff!  It is a great group of men all seeking Jesus and getting trained and discipled for ministry work; and God knows we need more committed men for His work! As the ministry grows, one major problem is developing; training men fast enough for the work. However, this is a good problem and with your prayers and God on our side all things are possible! Amen!

Also some very good news, we have raised 12,000.00 dollars for the purchase of the church and shelter building. 

We now are needing 46,990.00 dollars and that is a praise report! It’s within our reach! I can smell the victory! Praise God, for He is good all the time! Amen! I don’t know if this letter will get to you before the walk a thon which is November 15th, but many have responded quite well and many thanks for those who have. We have placed many videos on You Tube and on our face book, please share them and come and join us.

For more information please go to our web page larocaministries.org and click walk a thon! Also my cell phone number is (619) 890-2830. Hope to see you on the Mexican side to walk for a good cause! Again November 15th, 8 am registration, start 9 am. What a great Christmas gift it will be, if we can raise these funds by Christmas! You might be able to hear us scream from the U.S. side as we will praise the Lord with all our might!

Again, there is so many ministries taking place such as:

The orphanage, it is now housing 30 children and meeting all their personal needs like school, uniforms and a clean bed, but especially love from people who love them very much!

The womens breakfast and study, this is where we feed and bring clean clothing to about 40 women from the streets and shelters every Wednesday morning!

The water cannel outreach, it was our street outreach. We just changed locations, we still feed and bring worship, now every Wednesday at 3pm. Where we reach to over 150 people each week, many of them deported! That is where we also inform them of all our services that we have to offer such as: the shelter and the Ranch!

The shelter continues to grow strong and we find ourselves full every day, sometimes before 6 pm. With 180 men and 14 women. Believe me< we are keeping busy! 

Also, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us close to yours! For we would not be able to do this without your prayers and of course God providing and sustaining us!

Your missionaries, Carlos, Rossy and family!

Happy Thanksgiving, for we have a lot to be thankful!