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October 2014 Newsletter

Greeting from all of us!

We are marching forward into October with so many activities including: sending off Federico, mother and Nacho into the Tijuana dump, 2 weddings, a Graffiti contest on Oct 25th, and celebrating Jesus night on the 31st. On top of all that, our annual board meeting on October 17th! Please pray for all of us, as we have began our busiest time of the year, all the way till the end of 2014.

Great news, we have had two weddings: Aaron and Yadira(top left), and Christian and Yajaira (right). They have all spent most of their teen years with us. These two couples give a great witness of our work. All four have gone through some tough times, but all four have endured! So I would like to take my hat off to these four, where many have failed or thrown in the towel, these four have stuck it out and have come out on top. Please pray for them, as they enter marriage.

Also, most of the talk has been around the walk-a-thon as we now find ourselves needing to raise $49,999. Our goal is to raise the remainder by the end of this year! We are so close we can smell it. We have worked so hard, but most importantly God has been so faithful!

So please, if anybody wants to support a walker, like myself, please let me know by writing, by facebook, or email me at salmos18@yahoo.com. You can get more information on our web page: larocaministries.com, click on walk-a-thon! Donations can be made with the link made available. Thank you and keep us in your prayers. This the first time we are going outside of the box. Please share our la roca walk-a-thon video on facebook or You Tube.

Here is a testimony that will blow your minds. Andres, who is one of our directors at the discipleship La Roca ranch, was coming back to the ranch one night and on the way he saw a man walking along the highway. The next morning, Andres recognize that same man and approached him. He asked, “Were you walking on the highway last night?” and the man said, “Yes, I just made it in this morning. I got lost in the hills until I finally saw the La Roca sign.” Andres said the man was pretty beat up and had a lot of scratches on his arms. The man’s name is Jose. He is 31 years old and walked all the way from the dump to the ranch.

Alex and the others from La Roca were there ministering that weekend, but this man did not act upon the invitation at that moment. So when he decided, he began to walk and go find it himself. Wow, that is determination! I wish we all had that determination while seeking Jesus! He has been with us for 2 weeks!

Also, another great update, we finally have entered the dump with a greater commitment to our ministry there. Federico, his mother and Nacho, from the men shelter, have gone to the dump to minister to the people there. They are there to feed the bodies, as well as the souls. To reach out to the addicts, as well as to their children.

Federico and his family came out of the dump and for this reason his mother was excited to go. She is half blind and is approximately 70 years old. It’s been because of her that most of her family has come to Christ! They are like our recon team, willing to go where most would not even consider!

They drove in with a 1990 Chevy suburban, pulling a 1990 trailer to where they were going to set up shop. We appreciate your prayers for this team and the rest of the La Roca staff, where we are working diligently so when Jesus comes He finds us faithfully doing His work!

Your missionaries

Carlos, Rossy and family