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September 2013 Newsletter


Can you believe it, summer is now over and kids are back in school! My wife and I are keeping busy taking Christina across the border to school every morning and then picking her back up. Believe it or not our daughter in now a senior in high school. She is not quite sure what she wants to study, but she still loves singing and dancing and loves to model. Karla, who is now 10 years old also loves singing and dancing, just like her sister and is studying in Tijuana in the fifth grade.

There is so much ministry taking place every day; like the house of grace, where we now have 32 children and the shelter where we continue to house men from all walks of life. Our beautiful ranch where we help men of all ages get set free from addictions, and fall in love with their Savior!

Hundreds of people are now coming to be fed at our Tuesday night outreach, but we do not have the funds to feed them all. Many people who have been deported and the homeless set up tents there, seeking help from the government and better treatment from the police. It’s not easy to be homeless in Tijuana, where there are no government shelters.

There are only shelters like ours that house 130 people per night and give them dinner, helping them get back up on their feet! But one thing for sure, we share our Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with all that we come in contact with!

So as you see many things are keeping us busy, but especially with this past summer! Our ranch has been such a great blessing, where we hold our youth, women and men retreats. Our kid’s bible study keeps growing as our congregation continues to grow. Such a blessing!

In our outreach at the dump, we have been taking water bottles, fruit and helping with tarps for shade, especially during these very hot days. We have established such a good relationship with the people that they approached us asking if we were willing to pastor a small church that got started outside the dump because the pastor left them.

The church meets on a large piece of property that belongs to one of the members that is along the main road to the dump. It’s visible from the road and the community is growing around it. Tijuana is growing fast to the east, and the ranch and the dump are right in the middle of the path. Tijuana can’t grow south because of Rosarito, nor north because of the USA and west because of the Pacific Ocean, so we are in the middle of the path. What a blessing! God continues to expand our territory.

Also one final note, we are now at 130,000 dollars for the purchase of the church building. Funds have been coming slowly, but faithfully. Thanks for believing in us!

My family and I want to say thanks for your prayers and support. We could not do what we do if it were not for your faithfulness and obedience’s to our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for adopting us as part of your family and becoming part of ours!

Your missionaries;

Carlos, Rossy, Christina and Karla and the rest of La Roca!