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June 2013 Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Greetings in His Name!

We are so excited to announce that the Orphanage has been purchased and we have money to spare for paying closing cost and attorney fees!  It’s one of so many praise reports of God’s faithfulness! Thanks to each one of you that helped us reach our goal. We had a grand opening, with the cutting of the ribbon and letting the children participate in this joyful exciting time for La Roca Ministries and of course our beautiful children.

We have so many stories of our children and their situations, but here is one close to my heart. Many months ago I wrote about Yescani who is ten years old, and how she came to the Orphanage. Her father was doing all possible to sustain them by selling whatever he could in the streets, till he was faced with losing her. He brought her to us, looking for help. She was infected with lice and very severe skin infection.  But now she has been completely healed of all infection. She has been placed in school, while her father started staying at our shelter, waiting for his wife to get out of jail. Well, she finally got out and at a perfect time because Alberto was starting to lose his leg due to infections going untreated.

His wife,  Mary Cruz, started caring for Alberto and started taking him to the hospital which took them in circles. To make a long story short, he ended up losing his leg, but they continually come to church faithfully and are so grateful for the care their daughter.  Yescani goes out with them after church and comes back home in the late afternoon.  She is happy to be able to see both her parents together.  Unfortunately their living conditions are still unfit to have Yescani with them.  They have dirt floors,  no water and no furniture, except for what we have been able to give them;  like mattress and a table with chairs. We were also able to bless the father with a wheelchair. They are so grateful with the little that they have!

Here is our newest boy whose name is Aldo. He is five years old, who stands saluting all of you for the blessing he and so many others receive. He has seen and heard so much for his age. You hear him say things about his father's death who he never met, but heard from his mother on how he was killed while being involved in drug trafficking. Aldo’s mother, Laura, works in the Zona Norte in prostitution. Aldo was almost raped by some of his mother’s clients when she stepped out for awhile and that is when she came to seek help for her son.

The stories go on and on, but we are glad that we can make a difference breaking the chain of sin in which these children are not guilty of! Thanks again for being part of this amazing ministry! And that is why I love all the other outreaches that we do. The shelter is the first step in helping many father's get back up and on the right path. The ranch for those brave men,  take that 2nd step of getting their lives in order and start a discipleship teaching them to become the fathers in which God has called them to!

All the ministries are important; like I always have said what greater gift can we give a child than his parents!!

Major updates, we now have $116,357.08 dollars for the purchase of the shelter and church building; please keep praying that the owner will honor the original price of 218,000.00 dollars. And not require the full amount and not penalize us for going passed our due date! This could be any month, and as soon as August!

Thanks again for your faithfulness and being part of La Roca Family, we love each one of you. In His Love, Carlos and Rossy and the rest of the team.

We have been working very hard in clearing out the back at the House of Grace properly, so we can place a playground we so desperately need.

We also had to bring a cement pump, with 2 ½ trucks of cement. We still need another $2,500.00 dollars to finish. Again thanks for your prayers and for blessing our children.