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December 2013 Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christmas is upon us and we are entering the busiest time of the year, on top of our already busy schedule! With so many blessings at the end of this year, (the grant monies and all the work that is taking place at the Shelter and at the Orphanage), believe me, we are working none stop!

My wife and I have not taken a day off for a whole month, nor have many of the staff! But we are seeing the fruit of our work, seeing so much transformed before us! Below are pictures of the work projects at the Orphanage and Shelter!God is good, God is great!

God has taken us to a whole new level! We are now housing over 150 people per night, not including staff and it could have not come at a better time! With the cold and rain upon us, the church has become a place for the tired, the lost and the hurting, which come seeking refuge! We the church are Jesus’ arms and hands to hold and receive all those who are hurting and lost, leading them to the light, which is Jesus Christ!

Transformations like Jesus Munos, who was deported at the age of 46 years old, came looking for help! He was bitter with the United States for deporting him. He said, “I was doing nothing wrong, I just worked to provide for my family!” We received him with open arms, and thanks to God, 5 months later he got his paperwork in order and is now working delivering produce!

When he has extra food and after being approved by his boss, Jesus bring it over to the La Roca Shelter!  Like I said before, we don’t just put a roof over people’s head, but we help them get established. That way they don’t have to cross the border illegally, and they can be productive in the country which they were born! We have several others who are now working in many kinds of jobs, like security for our soccer team the Xolos, and they still love staying with us because we have become their family!

At the dump little Juan had his collection of toys he has picked out of the dump. It was amazing to see the many toys little Juan was able to find! Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Little Juan said, “It would be nice to get a new RED toy fire truck.” Gil said to him, “But Juan you have so many toys.” Little Juanito turned and said,“ I would love something that I did not find in the dump, a truck that has all four wheels and is not broken!” Gil told him, “I know what you mean, I will be praying for a new fire truck for you!”

It’s quite amazing, that even a child who might be hungry, finds joy in a new fire truck! Little stories like these break your heart, even though we have so much and right across the border we have adults and children who just dream about a better day!

The men at the Ranch have stepped up to the plate and have done a wonderful job clearing and leveling the back yard where the play ground is going to be placed. For the second time, they brought all the trash from the third level below to the street where it was all loaded on a dump truck. We are grateful to these men who have been taught to plant and give back that which they have received!

Some of these men are going to be our future leaders, and I want to share this because many believe that the time, effort and funds are a waste of time on people who are street addicts. Well let us prove these people wrong, because God has allowed us to grow as a ministry with men and women who came out of the streets. From addictions and prostitution and little to no education!

God shows His Glory and His Grace, by lifting people up that are outcast and least expected to do anything. But the Bible tells us; with God all things are possible! So I want to thank each one of you that has stood by our side, in prayer and the financial support that is so much needed to serve the poor and reach the lost!

Thanks a million times and for being part of our growing family. May you and your family have a meaningful and a Merry Christmas as we celebrate together the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. We give Him all glory, all honor and all Praise, Amen! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!