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July 2012 Newsletter

Greeting from all of us here in Tijuana!

The beginning of this summer has taken a whole new twist. The shelter which usually houses 90 to 100 men per night, jumped in a matter of days to 140 people. For what reason you might ask, well, I do not have the whole answer, but I do have some information regarding the problem in our Nation. 1st the high increase of people being deported, 2nd the high percentage of people struggling with addictions. 3rd the homeless population continues to increase for lost of jobs, or their part time job does not provide the income to pay for their apartment or room.

Here are some percentages given by a local paper on their front page. 39.4% have alcohol problems, 48.8% have marijuana problems, 87.5% have problems with inhalants, like glue, paint etc. 33.3% have cocaine problems and 15% have heroin problems. And the Mexican government has only been able to receive 1 out of every 4 people in their programs. That is why La Roca Ministries is so needed with the other 75% that can’t get help!

And the news is right, we are fighting a major drug war, but not in the streets with guns and knives, we are fighting for people’s lives who have been enslaved to drugs, alcohol and sin, one person at a time! Through prayer and of course ACTION!! So I have spent several days helping out at the shelter with the high demand and we have had to bring on two other staff members. On top of all this taking place, we are getting ready to pass the fire marshal inspection.

I asked one inspector, can you please tell us how many people the law permits us to have at a time.  He kind of giggled, the government has nothing established for shelters like yours, because of the great need and problems with addictions and homeless, your ministry is one that the government depends on. So you can have as many as you want, our job is that you have everything else in order. So as I have been doing, WE NEED BLANKETS, MATTRESS, and somebody that can come and help us build 10 bunk beds, it’s about $75.00 dollars each. If you know anybody that works at a camp, call then on our behalf and ask if they have any old mattress.

We urgently need groups to help us build 3 shower stalls and it does not matter the size of the group. We had one group of four, the Zuiderveen family that drove all the way from Michigan, that helped us all most finish the boys room at the House of Grace, but far enough along to move some 4 boys into the room that were sleeping on the floor. They also bui;t 2 bunk beds and much more. Again what a blessing they were.

We need a list of things that have stopped coming because groups stopped coming. Bars of soap, toothpaste, razors, after shave, shampoo, batteries etc… these are the small things. But we need a few big items, like four tires for the ford 15 passenger van and the biggest one yet, remember the purchase of the church and shelter building. We are approaching $56,000.00 dollars and we have now only 12 months to raise $163,000.00 dollars. Ready for the challenge, Please keep this in your prayers!

Some good news, our boy’s soccer team has grown and now has won two games. Not bad considering that many was their first time playing soccer! Also pictures below of Yadira’s graduation, our first from the house of Grace, along with my wife Rossy and my daughter Christina.  3 boys and 2 girls will start first grade next year, 3 moving into Jr. High and 2 others moving into High school and the other 18 children that are in different grades.

The Ranch is doing great, need a lot of tender and loving care, but lacking funds to keep up with the maintenance, 20 men are in the program plus staff, Andres and his wife Rosa are the directors. Also we had 14 people get baptized on the 1st of July, the waves were rough but it was a great blessing!

Thanks for your prayers and gifts and donations, for they are treasures to us from above, thanks a million again, In His Passion, Carlos and; Rossy and the rest of the team!