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November 2012 Newsletter

Greetings to all and may we all be a flame of light of HOPE to all those who are desperate and in despaired! Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner!  Christmas ought to be the most wonderful time of the year, with hope and cheer. Yet, the sad reality is that in Tijuana this is not the case. You walk the streets and you see many women enslaved in prostitution and their kids just running around the streets like crazy. Then you see drug deals going down almost in every corner and the kids being used as the ones that do the deliveries and in some cases the sales!

Gangs made up of kids who are as young as ten years old, stealing, selling and raping… I know this sound like something that happens somewhere else, but it’s right in our back yard. Sometimes, I feel hopeless knowing that people are being trafficking for prostitution and work slaves six blocks from our facility.

And yet, I know we are making a major difference, by helping those children get off the streets and bring then to our orphanage, teaching then the Love of Christ and breaking the chains of sin in their lives! We are also enrolling then in school, providing counseling and many other activities that they need to experience wholeness and freedom.

We are making a major difference by taking men off the streets and giving then shelter every night as we help then get up on their feet. By helping then get their birth certificate and I.D’s, Instead of falling into drugs or becoming a “mule” (the term used by those who deliver drugs from Mexico and into the USA) out of desperation!

We know we are making a major difference, where we are taking men out of the streets to the Ranch where they seek to become drug free. Where many that become drug free, stay to be disciple in the Holy Scriptures to get trained for ministry, these same men go back to the shelter or stay at the ranch to become servants of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We know we are making a major difference, where we’ve taking youth out of the streets and homes where it’s common for drugs and alcohol abuse. God has answered our prayers because we now have a youth pastor (Gil and his wife Kimberly) who can invest in the lives of our youth. Gil and Kimberly are full of energy and excitement; and as a matter of fact he is now also our worship leader! What a blessing!

We know we are making a major difference, when we go out into the dump and reach the kids wasting away, without school and proper food. In some cases eating from what they find in the dump and many fall into drugs and alcohol out of desperation!   God is doing amazing things through La Roca and you are a part of why we are able to do what we do. So, YOU are making a major difference in partnering with God in transforming Tijuana!

We also wanted to give you an update regarding the purchase of the church building. With 8 months left to raise the $219,000 we have raised 35% of the funds needed ($80,000). We are grateful to God for all of those who have seen this incredible opportunity as a way to invest in the work of La Roca and His kingdom.

We are also excited to see the members of La Roca Church be committed to purchasing this building by doing a number of fundraisers from selling food items to holding yard sales. It reminds us even those who have very little are doing their part to accomplish this goal of having this much-needed building in the hands of La Roca. Honestly, it feels like a huge mountain to climb to raise the other $139,000 and yet seeing the impact that being in this location has made for our ministry motivates us to not give up.

Every night over 130 men don’t have to sleep on the streets of Tijuana; every week we see God meet the people of Tijuana during our church services; every season we see our location be a place of hope, healing and transformation for so many. If you haven’t so already, we urge you to partner with us in the purchase of this property as we endeavor to stake our claim to this little corner of Tijuana as we draw back the forces of darkness and usher in the Kingdom of God in this city!

Thanks for keeping us close to your hearts and in your prayers. Thanks for your finical support; we could not do this if it was not for your obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for being part of La Roca family – Thank you brothers and sister and we hope you had a wonderful and meaning full Thanksgiving!!