December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

Greetings my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

What do you want for Christmas? Or, maybe I should ask what do you expect? Well, I don’t know what each one of you might desire, or what each one of you deserves, or if you have been naughty or nice….I’m just grateful that God doesn’t measure us this way in order to qualify us to receive His free gift of salvation!

November 2018 Newsletter

Our hope is as you read this letter, you and your family be well and encouraged in the Lord; for He is faithful. It’s amazing to reflect back to when we first stated as La Roca ministries in March of 1998.

So many people told me to wait until we have enough money and personnel. I remember saying to myself, the money is God's job.

September 2018 Newsletter

I'd like to start by saying sorry for being a little late with this month Newsletter!

I know many are waiting to hear of how things are coming along in the state of Sonora!

First of all, they are great! We are planning another trip there on October 3rd. We are going to pick up the donation papers and continue the preparation of the disciples.

September 2017 Newsletter

I hope all is going well! Can you believe that summer is over, and the end of the year is just around the corner? 

Well, as usual we have been very busy with all the growth and keeping up with all the demands of all the new regulations for this year. Rossy stays busy with taking course after course to better prepare herself as the leg of the ministry!

June 2017 Newsletter

I want to say sorry for not writing every month as I used to, but with so much going on and the ministry growing in all directions, it’s hard to keep up with everything!

I do realize that we need all of your prayers and support; for we could not do what God has called us to do without the whole body of Christ working together! So thank you for your patience!

February 2017 Newsletter

2017 has had a great start for us, thanks to your prayers and faithful support!

One major project that has not been completed yet, is the boy’s dorm. Because of the many things we have had to repair in the existing house (including building two new staircases as the original ones did not pass inspection), we are behind schedule in completion.

September 2016 Newsletter

We want to thank you all for your faithfulness and for your generous and continued support. For we know we could not do it without friends like you, who respond to God’s direction so faithfully! This summer we have been very busy keeping our children from the Orphanage and the Dump occupied! Now that summer is over, we find ourselves busy getting all the children ready for school; with the purchases of new uniforms, school supplies and of course, the registration of all the children.

July 2016 Newsletter

We want to thank God for all the mission-minded churches that come alongside our ministry and ministries like ours all around the world that are supported by the Body of Christ. Please pray that more get involved in these last days, so we can reach more unsaved people by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.